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Asked on July 15, 2015
Created July 14, 2015 at 2:35 PM

The wife and myself set out on our paleo journey some 2 1/2 years ago and in the first year or so great. We both lost weight, i'm down 35lbs the wife around 14lb ..... however since the weight loss i have remained at the same weight for at least 18 months and the wife gained by 14lb!

I am 168lbs down from 203lbs, height 5ft 7inch, 45 years, Sedentry lifestyle! say 1700 calories/day

Wife 133lbs down to 119lbs and back up to 119lbs, height 5ft 4 inch. 44 years slightly more active lifestyle. 

We both pretty much follow the same eating habits - no sugar (cut out completely), no wheat or grain based products at all, don't drink alcohol. 

Fats in the form of cocunut oil and kerrygold butter with the addition of full fat yogurt, full cream and cheese.

Protein in the from of beef, chicken and pork, bacon, eggs etc no fish (don't like)

Vegetables (fairly limited to salad produce, green cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, celery, toms etc), little or no fruit.

Drink water (hint of no sugar cordial), coffee with cream. Little or no snacking. tried IF.

In my case not feeling as i used to with some lack off energy, some joint ache, becoming bored with the food choices, think alot of my weight loss is due to loss of muscle?, not sure my disgestion is great either?

In the wifes case all of the above plus very tired.

I'm sure there is something we are not doing correctly or something we are perhaps missing in our diet. i'm also aware of the lack of actitivty but didn't do any exercise in order to drop  2 1/2 stone.

Any help or guidance would be great to get us both back on track. Wife keeps threatening to go back to our old ways ..... i won't!! 





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2 Answers



on July 15, 2015
at 01:07 AM

First it might be a good idea to get medical checkups just to rule out any medical issues.  Make sure you get a REAL, thorough check of thyroid function.  Excess calorie restirction may cause thyroid issues--you may need to increase calories.  If you pay attention to the quality of food you are eating you should not gain weight. 

Things I think may be missing from your diet are organ meats, fermented foods and prebiotic fibers (e.g. green plantains and bananas, asparagus, Jerusalem artichoke, raw potato starch, inulin powder, jicima, etc.), and you may be low in Omega 3's (try a fish oil supplement if you won't eat fish).  Your gut microbiome does not appear to be well fed, which can account for your digestive complaints. 

Your diet is pretty low carb and since you are at goal weight you can consider adding in some so-called "safe starches" like winter squashes, sweet potatoes, some people even choose to eat white rice and potatoes which have been heated and then cooled (this is controversial).  Paul Jaminet speculates that people who don't eat sufficient amounts of carbs in the form of "safe starches" have trouble with the mucosal lining of their guts, and that can impact health.  I'm not sure I accept this, but some prebiotic fibers/resistant starches to feed the good gut microbes is something you probably do need to add to your diet.  A little bit of low glycemic fruit wouldn't hurt either.  Keep an eye on your weight and blood sugar as you add these foods in. 

To make sure you are getting your requirements for micronutrients, make sure you are getting good servings of some sulforous veggies every day like onions, garlic, broccoli, cauliflower, also plenty of leafy greens, and finally some colorful fruits and veggies (beets, carrots, berries, swiss chard, etc.).  Your plate should have a lot of veggies at every meal.

A little movement every day would help, too.  Walking if nothing else.  Get those endorphins flowing. 



on July 15, 2015
at 07:57 AM

Dear  Maplop,

I am going to post a link to one article that might help you. It is called "Farewell to Paleo". No, don't get me wrong, the person did not go to McDonalds right after he quit eating Paleo. He went into Weston Price type of diet.

To sum up, this is what I see is wrong with your diet: you don't have enough carbs. Try limiting your dairy and adding more carbs, such as carb-rich vegetables. It could be sweet potatoes  or anything else that AGREES with you. And you really have to try something that agrees with you. After all, Okinawans used to be the longest living people on earth (and healthiest) and their diet had plenty or carbs.

Here is the link: Farewell to Paleo

The blogger also has a page where he describes what he eats on a daily basis. Meals

Good luck!

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