Fallen off wagon- help me!

Answered on June 30, 2014
Created June 28, 2014 at 5:04 PM


Recently I have fallen off the paleo wagon. I know, I know. Shame on me, right?

Part of the problem is my job. I work as a learning mentor for teens with severe behavioural and emotional difficulties. These young people have a variety of disorders that have to be coped with in certain ways. We've been having an overhaul at work, which basically means all the meticulous planning that we learning mentors do gets thrown out of the window in favour of whatever the hell management wants us to do to pass an inspection. So, my week has been turned upside down, and my careful plans of where I'm buying lunch and what I'm eating are now a slap dash "whatever they sell" plan. I can't think of what to pack for a lunch, because often I am offsite in a place with no refrigeration and in places where you can't bring your own food. I cannot opt out of eating with the student I have at present, as they have a form of OCD which means they mirror their behaviours and mealtimes is one of them. Basically, they drink when I drink, take a bite when I do, etc. I'm celiac, so I'm making gluten free choices, but they're not always paleo friendly. Recently I had to get and eat corn chips just so that the child would eat. I've also had to get chilli with beans and lentils and a GF brownie.

Help me get back on the wagon, please! I have no energy again, my nerves are frayed and the allergic circles under my eyes are almost charcoal grey this week! They were non existing this time last month. Gums are bleeding again, sleep is suffering, muscle recovery ales forever- I need tips and support, please.

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on June 30, 2014
at 05:36 PM

Depending on how long your day is you could eat a huge breakfast before you leave, then pack some super calorie dense things like 'bullet proof coffee', nuts, rice/oats and then just get your proteins at breakfast/dinner. Should provide you with a good amount of calories with no refridgeration required.



on June 30, 2014
at 04:43 PM

Then, you're in a wonderful place to help these kids by helping fix their diets, which will in turn improve their issues. Cook for yourself ahead of time, and document what you do and how and show their parents. Make extra and bring some food for the kids and their parents to try. You can always bring a cooler with an ice pack.

Seize this opportunity and you can improve many lives; sure it won't be easy, but both you and the kids will benefit.

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