Needing some PALEO buddies/help

Answered on May 13, 2015
Created January 04, 2015 at 10:57 PM

I am making the trasition to Paleo. Is there anyone who wants to be buddies and encourage each other?? What are the best things to do for someone just starting out on the Paleo lifestyle?

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on May 13, 2015
at 06:11 PM

 Please read my question. I am in desperate need of a Paleo buddy. 


on January 06, 2015
at 06:28 AM

If you are on facebook, you should go request to be a member of "The paleo approach community" ...it was created for autoimmune disorders, but also covers lots of paleo stuff too! Everyone there is SOOO knowledgeable and helpful and supportive! It really is an awesome resource and makes you feel so much less lonely and isolated in your journey...because when other ppl just don't understand what you're doing and aiming for, it can become difficult and discouraging! Just make sure you read the initial intro posted so you aren't lost or don't understand what ppl are talking about sometimes!


on January 05, 2015
at 08:16 PM

Being around other people who eat the same way is a great idea.

I used to work in an office where food was provided like 10 times a week and it became exhausting to refuse all of the bagles, donuts, and sandwiches and have to explain why all the time, and then be ostracized as some kind of weirdo just because I didn't eat the crappy free food.

Then I started doing Crossfit and about half of the people are gluten-free and all of them are serious about their diet in one way or another and it's much easier to talk about.

It kind of goes without saying but having a community of people to support you is very important.

Aside from that my advice would be to make sure the diet is fun and rewarding. You will cut out a bunch of foods that you've been eating but you can also eat a lot of delicious foods that you may have been avoiding previously like steak.  Don't be afraid to explore interesting vegetable dishes too.  Try out the salad/food bar at Whole Foods to get some ideas.

Good luck!

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