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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created May 31, 2011 at 1:01 PM

I am in need of some assistance. Later today I am going for my physical. I have been paleo for around 3 months. I am expecting my blood work to show an elevated cholesterol number but I know from this site that the overall number doesn't really mean much. What should I ask him if he gives me the old American doctor speech that I need to watch my cholesterol and change my diet. I know that some ratio of ldl hdl and triglycerides is what I should be concerned with. I just don't want to sound ignorant if I have to disagree with his assesment. Help!



on May 31, 2011
at 01:26 PM

if the 'diet' does what it's supposed to do, your cholesterol should be fine, mine was greater after only a few months more than you.

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on May 31, 2011
at 02:07 PM

My doctor argued with me constantly (she's the reason I abandoned Atkins the first time, so many years ago, despite spectacular success re: weight loss and health). I finally stopped arguing, just nodded my head, and now am "interviewing" a new doctor. I actually asked my insurance company to help me find a doctor who was low-carb friendly, and they sent me two names to investigate. You could ask similar questions, with a paleo, or maybe even cholesterol research bent.

I really believe there's no reason anymore to put up with "go with yesterday's headlines" kinds of doctors. We can shop for doctors the same way we can shop for any other service.

ETA: I realize this answer doesn't help you this afternoon. :) But if your doctor turns out to need educating, I'd be of a mind to get a new one.



on May 31, 2011
at 02:47 PM



on May 31, 2011
at 02:08 PM

I also would like to see a good reply on this, preparing to have some blood work done soon. I think I recall someone saying that you should make sure that you get all the correct cholesterol tests done, it seems theres one that they dont always order unless you ask and this is the one that helps paint a clearer picture on your levels or combined.

Hpefully someone will correct me if I'm wrong:

total cholesterol levels (but must be reviewed with the following results as well)

LDL (what they call bad cholesterol)

HDL (good cholesterol)

VLDL ? not sure what this is exactly

triglycerides (I understand this number is important, maybe someone can explain why exactly)

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