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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created July 12, 2013 at 5:16 PM

I keep reading peoples posts telling everyone to cut out most fruits. I am confused... I love fruits and they seem to help me curb my old carb craves. I eat a lot of different melons, pears, and berries mostly but sometimes throw in other fruits as well. I thought fruits were paleo-friendly; am I wrong or are there fruits that are more paleo-freindly than others and what are they so I could refocus my diet. I've been Paleo now for 9 weeks and I feel great.



on July 12, 2013
at 05:42 PM

If you feel great just carry on as you are, people cut down on fruit for accelerated fat loss.(low Carb paleo) Fruit is fine unless you are diabetic . As with everything though ...moderation is key, too much of a good thing can become a bad thing.

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on July 12, 2013
at 05:45 PM

Fruits are great and they are paleo. But keep in mind, there is no one paleo diet for everyone. For some people with digestive issues, fructose malabsorption, etc., cutting out fruit is necessary. For other people who are already fit but trying to get very lean, cutting out fruit can help them reach their goal.

But, if you feel great and are happy with the progress you are making, there is no need to change what you are doing. If your progress stalls, tinker by increasing or decreasing your consumption of different foods (including fruit) or macronutrients to see what works best for you!



on July 12, 2013
at 09:35 PM

Fruit is good for you, and how much is good depends on your desired macros, but at the same time you may want to limit the type that have been engineered over the centuries to be big and sugary, like apples, oranges and bananas. A good rule of thumb is that the ones that are colored all the way through like berries, peaches etc are best.

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