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Answered on April 01, 2015
Created March 31, 2015 at 6:13 PM

I have been Paleo for about 3 weeks. I see recipes that I thought werent included in this diet. I thought you cut out dairy, grains, added sugar and legumes. But I am seeing Paleo recipes that include some of these things. What is acceptable???

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on March 31, 2015
at 10:25 PM

it depends. Rice is acceptable to many, including me, specially if cooked in a way that enhances resistant starch (there is a recent post about it). Eggs are acceptable to many, but I find that egg whites are more inflammatory than not-paleo foods. Legumes are unacceptable to many, but I find that if I sprout them, they are quite light,lighter than potatoes, and I eat adzuki or natto most days of the week. Dairy is a no-go for me. So, you will have to experiment.

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on April 01, 2015
at 11:30 PM

Cordain's concept was to emulate an ancestral hunter gatherer diet. This shifts the macros to lower carb and higher protein, with fat making up the difference. Grains and dairy are usually shunned for being Neolithic foods, though there's a lot of latitude, and most versions of Paleo include butter and rice. Rather than nit-pick the ingredients focus on the concept: less carbs, more protein and fat.



on April 01, 2015
at 06:50 AM

Quite a lot of people, myself included, find that very low carb just doesn't work for them. In which case it is a matter of finding out what carbs do work. I eat white rice a couple of times a week, white poatoes most days (usually boiled, cooled, then fried in beef fat) and some legumes i.e. chickpeas, red kidney beans, butter beans, well soaked for at least 24 hours and then cooked until soft.

Dairy is a more conentious area. Butter seems fine, as does cream - I especially like sour cream, and some ??cheeses. Eggs I love and have sporadically, but a lot of them when I do. Omelettes I especially like and frittata is a great way of getting lots of veggies, fat and protein in one simple meal.

I'm sure there was no single diet when humanity was evolving / setteled, and it seems that the same is true still! But there is a foundation of good quality meat, organ meats, vegetables, fish and fats.

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