KP (Karatosis pilaris) getting much work since on scd/paleo

Commented on June 03, 2013
Created June 02, 2013 at 3:16 AM

Hello! This is my first post in the forums here. I have been on the very strict Select Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) for 8 months. My whole family started it as a way to support one of my children, who has benefited from it greatly. My husband and I both feel great and in the best health of our lives.

But, oddly, the kp I have had since I was a child on the back of my arms is now much worse than it has ever been in my life. I now have it not only on the back of my upper arms, but the lower arms as well. The tops and backs of my thighs and the tops of my shins.

Weird, right?

I know this is my body sending me a signal that something is seriously amiss and wondering if anyone else has had this happen and/or if anyone has any ideas about what may be going on?





on June 03, 2013
at 06:23 PM

should i close this thread and open a new one w/more diet/health info included in the question?



on June 02, 2013
at 06:50 PM

thank you so much for any advice/help/or if i can answer any additional questions!



on June 02, 2013
at 06:48 PM

10 days after adding those restrictions the swelling was completely gone and i feel great. but there has been no improvement in the kp and it makes me worry about what is going on with my body. also, i would love to start adding some more foods back in. so a typical day of eating looks like this: two or three eggs for breakfast with fresh herbs and homemade mayo lunch: some meat, carrot soup, and spinach salad with lots of homemade dressing dinner: more meat and veggies i have wonderered if i have sibo and/or fructose malabsorption and have stopped eating brassacias as well.



on June 02, 2013
at 06:41 PM

oh, that totally makes since, sorry i didn't have more info about my diet with the original question. i have been on scd for 8 months. we did the intro diet and slowly phased in other foods. until two months ago i was eating all scd legal foods with the exception of seeds and legumes. two months ago i had some pretty severe abdominal swelling and went into the doctor. they ran blood work, ultrasound, and a cat scan of my stomach and found no ablormalities. at that time, two months ago now, i cut out all fruit, nuts, honey, alcohol (the occasional glass of wine) and dairy.



on June 02, 2013
at 05:00 PM

Telling us what you eat and if you have any underlying conditions would help the community answer this question. I had kp since I was 12-13, and successfully beat it 6 yrs ago. Since I'm not familiar with the protocol you are on, or what other health factors you are working with, my answer would just be me telling you what I did, which may be of no value to your specific situation.



on June 02, 2013
at 03:26 PM

what foods do you consume on an average day?

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