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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created November 15, 2011 at 2:14 AM

i am getting two yearling cows processed both are about 330 what wood be best way to get them done


on November 15, 2011
at 03:56 AM

Do you mean that you want suggestions on which cuts to have the butcher process, or suggestions on how to have them killed, or what?



on November 15, 2011
at 02:25 AM

Best question ever.

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on November 15, 2011
at 05:23 AM

I know exactly what you mean! I butcher a moose, several caribou and dozens of chickens every year.

If you are paying a butcher to do the dirty work, have him cut it into steaks, roasts, and 15-20% burger. Tell him to save you the heart, liver, tongue, brains, and kidneys and give these a try if you haven't already developed a taste for offal. Also, have him cut the shanks up into soup bones for making bone broth. Also, tell him you want all the bones that are leftover also cut into soup bones.

You can save a bit of money if you wrap it yourself, but it's usually better if they do it if you aren't set up for it.

I usually get the burger put up in 2 pound packs. Cook the whole thing up and save what you can't eat right away for later.

Ask him to save you the kidney fat separate. It is a really rich, clean fat that you can render down for cooking oil.

If there's any fat leftover after he makes the burger, have him save that for you, too.

Since they are young beefs, you probably won't need to age it long, but I'm sure the butcher will have some ideas on that.

good luck!

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