Back in the Saddle After Some Scary Evidence (Thank you stomach flu?)

Commented on July 02, 2012
Created July 01, 2012 at 6:11 PM

Just wanted to say, even though I was horribly discouraged I've gotten my butt back on the wagon since disovering that magical thing called coconut oil XD no hunger!

I've got a couple questions though;

Even though this week I've treated myself to organic free-range eggs and altantic salmon (no idea if its wild) I cannot live off of this and canned tuna all week because I've got a $50 dollar a week budget (I'm in Quebec, Canada) and that doesn't get a lot of meat at this rate--cost me about $40

Soo---in order from best to worst whats the best conventional meat? I know that chicken is off the menu (which works fine---have a pet parrot who needs to loose some weight too) but what should I be focusing on? I'm not picky--liver, hearts, tendons, tripe...anything goes.

Second---second day in I decided to experiment with 3 big strawberries and maybe 1/2 cup of blueberries--but I'm definetly not feeling as energetic or good as I did yesterday wherein the only carbs I had came from those random few you find in about 3 eggs. So can I scrap fruits and veggies??? Everyone always goes on and on about the acid/base load of the diet--but if it isn't working for me? I could always wolf down greens or uber-cooked broccoli but I find those bloat me and give me stomach cramps.

Third, this might be tmi and I apologize but yours truly had one of those 24-hr stomach bugs and in my vomit there was noodles and other undigested bits... that I ate four days prior o.o. I'd be noticing nausea, gut pain and severe bloating for at least a week before i got sick. So far, eating a lot of fat and well-cooked meat in small portions is keeping the bloating and stomach pain down. I'll also taking a bonemeal calcium supplement with vit D and magnesium and about 2 g of omega-3's every day in fish oil. I'm taking a probiotic (powder) now to try and get my gut back in the game) Anything else anyone can think of?

Did the rough math last night and cals came in at around 1271 with 58% fat calories, 30% protein and 12% carbs though my math might be off (btw--I'm 4'11, 175 and disabled so sedentary) I didn't want to eat more as my stomach started to get iffy on me. But I was energetic and feeling pretty good.

Any advice--majorly appreciated---don't mind being a carnivore compared to omnivore cavewoman just wanting to do it right :)



on July 02, 2012
at 12:16 AM

Hi! I know what coconut oil is, but what is XD? Thanks.

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