16 year old girls with Hypoglycemia

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created April 09, 2013 at 11:20 AM

Hello, My daughter, who plays volleyball, basketball and runs track has been struggling for 18 months, since she was diagnosed with hypoglycemia. We've diligently tried to maintain the blood sugars with no success. She crashes very quickly and never feels well. We're ready to try Paleo. My first and foremost question is how many carbs does she need per meal to maintain (not go ketogenic) her weight? She does NOT need to lose more than 2-4 lbs. I'm also hearing conflicting things about which carbs to eat. HELP!!!!!!!!

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on April 09, 2013
at 08:35 PM

Foods that are insulinogenic without a commensurate glucose rise are much worse. This girl isn't a bed-ridden morbidly obese person. She's clearly quite active and will need to replete muscle glycogen.



on April 09, 2013
at 08:11 PM

Perhaps it's not like that at all for Travis Culp, but for me and many others with reactive hypoglycemia, foods that are primarily carbohydrate drive blood glucose and insulin levels UP and when the insulin finally catches up to the glucose, blood sugar drops like a stone. So-called "safe starches" are NOT safe for everybody, although you can see if they will work for your daughter.

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on April 09, 2013
at 06:14 PM

Actually, it's not like that at all.



on April 09, 2013
at 05:21 PM

Throwing carbs at your daughter's poor blood control issues is not going to fix the issue. That's like trying to put out a fire by adding more firewood and gasoline.

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on April 09, 2013
at 05:08 PM

She shouldn't eat any form of paleo. I control reactive hypoglycemia with a lot of basmati rice in the context of a meal that contains sufficient meat and fat.



on April 09, 2013
at 11:25 AM

Would help a lot to know her current eating plan.

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4 Answers



on April 09, 2013
at 11:42 AM

Paleo is not a weight loss plan per se.

Not eating carbs will curb artificial hunger that is induced by the morphin-like substances in grains and the addictive properties of sugar in the brain.

Paleo is about eating things that were eaten very long before civilization. That specificially excludes grains, refined sugar and vegetable oils, as well as preprocessed or highly processed food. It is not about macronutrient ratios.

My advice would be to use an exclusion diet, like Robb Wolf's autoimmune protocol. You will find his books easily.



on April 09, 2013
at 04:52 PM

Bring the carbs down slowly until you find the right level for her. Be sure to replace the carb calories with good fats (in Paleo world, good fats are saturated animal fats, olive oil, coconut oil, avocado, and a limited amounts of nuts, some people do ok with butter and ghee) and a moderate amount of good protein from pastured animal sources (eggs, fish, meat).

Try to eliminate sugar first and foremost (including high glycemic fruits--berries and melon are ok in small amounts) and grains. The rest will come along. Carb foods should never be eaten alone-- she should always have fat and protein at the same time.

Focus on what she CAN have, not what she can't.

Getting rid of sugar and grains should have an almost immediate effect on reducing the hypoglycemia and if you do it slowly she may avoid the flu-like symptoms. Fat is her new friend, but avoid PUFA's.


on April 09, 2013
at 11:57 AM

My wife, 27 years old, just got diagnosed after possibly exhibiting symptoms since her early teens. Paleo has helped her a lot, but hormones play the biggest role it seems when it comes to blood sugar levels. Cortisol tests and an AI protocol like mentioned above are the routes we are taking right now. In that light watch out for stimulants and get plenty of healthy fats. Sometimes the first few weeks are hard, especially for someone who may be dependent on simple carbohydrate, processed food. If that happens look into what some call the carb flu. Hope this helps!



on April 09, 2013
at 04:55 PM

Lisa - I would highly recommend looking into the Perfect Health Diet. It's a much more moderate version of the paleo diet, with lots of healthy carbs. Go to their website and start reading. It's a wealth of info. Also. Paul, one of the authors, is wonderfully responsive to any questions.

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