Are perservatives in heavy whipping cream ok

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created August 03, 2013 at 11:48 PM

The only cream I can get has carageenan and cellulose and mono diglycerides and a few other things, I've been having trouble getting enough calories. Do you think this will have any effect on my health, or should I use it to get the calories

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on August 04, 2013
at 11:49 AM

As carageenan is a suspected carcinogen, that's probably not a good option. I don't think the cellulose will harm us, but it is in effect, nothing more than wood pulp.

Do you really want to buy a food made by a manufacturer who has decided to cut so many corners that they're now thickening their wares by feeding their customers wood? Voting with your dollars is still important in any context. Remember, these are the people that push skim milk as healthy so they steal the really healthy stuff from it, the fat, so they can sell more ice cream.

Perhaps you might want to look outside of the supermarket for sources of food (notice I didn't say products or calories here, you want real food). There are plenty of high caloric foods you can get elsewhere. See if there are any farmer's markets nearby, or order stuff online from northstarbison.com, or uswellnessmeats.com

If you insist on dairy, how about some Kerry Gold butter? It's not cream, but after all, butter is whipped up heavy cream, so you could mostly use it for the same things.

Or you could drop two pastured eggs in a blender, top with some cinnamon and pour the coffee on top of it and have a very delicious coffee indeed. Or the old standard bulletproof coffee made with either coconut oil or MCT and butter. Canned coconut milk isn't the best thing in the world due to preservatives and possible BPA in the lining, but I've have never had issues with it - find a relatively clean one and use it.

There are ways of using avocado to make shakes, you could for example make a coffee shake with it - sure it will be an ugly Hulk green, but it will have plenty of calories if that's what you're after.

Bacon is amazingly tasty source of calories, as is coconut oil. You could buy beef or bison fat and render it down into tallow. I just made a big rack of beef ribs yesterday for lunch, plenty of fat there though lots of it melts off to the bottom of the pan, it can still be filtered and used elsewhere, and with the bones, I'll make bone broth today.

On the non-fat side, you could get a good honey, maple syrup, or just plain old white rice.

You could use protein as a source of calories, but this isn't ideal as burning protein is problematic if in larger amounts.

Personally, I may be reading too much into your question, but it sounds like you're asking for permission from paleohacks to justify ingesting crap in a bottle under the excuse of not getting enough calories.

Remember, you're here of your free will and you do paleo at your own free will and under your own decision set - so you get to decide what you consume or don't.



on August 04, 2013
at 01:51 AM

Why are you having trouble getting enough calories? What is "enough"? How about coconut cream or coconut oil or whole coconut meat for calorie supplementation. Raw cheeses, avocados, macadamia nuts, misc nuts. Lots of choices for dense calories. Sounds like a happy problem to me!



on August 04, 2013
at 07:41 AM

I personally won't eat anything with preservatives/thickeners/additives. If it's not 100% real food I won't eat it.

So I guess it's up to you. Although I agree with the post above. Plenty of other places to get your fats.

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