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Asked on January 30, 2016
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So I'm very familiar with "going paleo" and I was strict for a year, then I took a year off because of a crazy transition year. It's pretty safe to say that I like the way I look, feel, and react to my environment when I'm eating clean, and I'm back on the wagon, thank God. However, in this insane year, I've gained two pseudo step kids and a live-in boyfriend after living by myself for 5 years. The kids eat crap. It hurts my feelings. I'm not sure how to fix this yet. 

The boyfriend is now onboard with a paleo lifestyle after finding out his cholesterol is 495, he has high blood pressure, as well as having multiple (scary!) random allergic reactions to food - his salivary glands swell up on one side of his neck and close off his air-tube so he can't breathe. I'm trying to help him transition as best I can, but he's complaining of frequent heartburn, which is concerning, and he hates a lot of veggies and refuses to eat them raw. (Minor victory: I got him to eat and LIKE Kale in a beef stew though, so minor victories!) He's also switched to a low gluten content rice beer, so he's not entirely there yet, but he's doing a lot better, especially since he also recently quit smoking after about 15 years at a pack a day. 

Any words of wisdom anyone?

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