Heartburn success stories?

Answered on October 22, 2013
Created October 21, 2013 at 9:14 PM

I'm a little bummed out and need to hear some pick-me-up success stories. Heartburn really sucks and I've been fighting it for years. I've tried many things to no avail, but still have a few more to look into before I decide 1. whether to go for surgery or suck it up and 2. live with this with a more constrained diet and lifestyle. I want to make sure I cover all bases before I make any drastic decisions.

Who here has dealt with heartburn for a long time and has able to find some solution that works for them? Please describe what your heartburn was like, how you've contained it, what if any symptoms you have remaining, and what foods you can (before/now) eat without getting heartburn. Thanks.

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2 Answers



on October 22, 2013
at 07:50 AM

I had heartburn on & off for YEARS...like going back more than 25 years. I "discovered" fruit flavored TUMS. I used to keep a bottle at home, in the car & in my office. I popped them like candy. I'd go through at least two large bottles per year.

I used to joke "I can't eat on an empty stomach" or "eating makes my stomach hurt". Sometimes it was chronic, sometimes occasional. Late night eating (after 8 pm) would give me acid reflux a couple times per month.

I ate all manner of food, fruit, meat, bread, pasta, spicy, bland plus beer, wine, alcohol.

About a year ago I decided to clean up my act.. no more bread, pasta, grains, sugar, juice, soda diet soda... Blood Sugar Solution, 4 Hour Body, Primal Blueprint & finally paleo (with very limited fruit & some fermented dairy).

I never really noticed when heartburn left but its gone...... UNLESS I eat bread or pastries or beer and it comes back with a vengeance!

Sometimes spicy foods bring it back but it might be the chips with the salsa not the salsa?

Whoa! Hold on there.... surgery is a last resort esp when it involves the removal of organs! Matt61's answer is much more substantial than mine. I think I had a much simpler case ... fast carb driven. I can make it come back & I can make it go away.

If parts of your digestive track is damaged maybe you only need to greatly restrict your diet until it's healed. I firmly believe in the body's abilty to heal....just gotta stop aggriavting it.



on October 21, 2013
at 09:28 PM

Had GERD pretty bad after a stressful year + smoking + poor diet + a load of antibiotics.

Symptoms were chest pain, sore throats, shortness of breath (think the name for it is air hunger, never felt like i could draw a satisfying breath), food just regurgitating back up into my mouth, waking up with a blocked throat. Fun stuff.

First cut out gluten and managed to slowly get off the meds but still had it pretty bad. What worked for me was a combination of SCD and supplementing with Betaine HCL. This seems like a common approach that works for people. Looking back now there's a few things i wish i had done.

1) Take a GAPS approach

2) Bone broth/stock. Drink a lot of it or at least supplement with L-glutamine. You need to help your stomach repair. Supplement with DGL if you have gastritis.

3) Do the supplementing the correct way by increasing by 1 capsule til you get the burning sensation.

4) Don't cheat if you can help it, it'll set you back.

5) Get tested for H Pylori.

6) Be patient.

7) Reduce stress, enjoy life.

I think each individual case will have different things that work for them. It depends on the root cause. I feel like i wasted a lot of time and money on "remedies" when i should have just focused on re-building/healing my gut. I ate too high protein and nowhere near enough fat and crashed and burned. But hey, you live and learn. I'm at a point now where i can even tolerate a bit of gluten and not have too many issues. Good luck :)

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