Permanent Retainers and Dental amalgams/fillings causing Immune-System Problems?

Answered on October 09, 2013
Created October 08, 2013 at 11:06 PM

Could anyone share some more light on this. I started Paleo because of immune-system problems and skin issue. They put on of those permeant retainer things in my mouth when I first got my braces out during my adolescent years. I specifically remember the metal being very prone to "chipping" I could have even swallowed some of it. In the past I've had rosacea (Which I got rid of with Paleo Woo hoo!), but recently it was said I had a pericardial enfussion. They can sometimes be indicative of a virus, but it's also a auto-immune condition. I'm only 21. I've heard many similar stories heart problems being associated with dental amalgams.

Have I been a walking antenna this entire time?Metal toxicity, mercury overload?I'm looking to have it all removed from a biological dentist.

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on October 09, 2013
at 05:53 AM

If you decide to have them removed, be sure your dentist uses measures to protect you. The biggest increase in mercury levels from amalgams apparently occurs during placement and then again during removal.

I would try the autoimmune paleo diet if you are concerned about autoimmunity. It works very well for many people.

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on October 09, 2013
at 12:04 AM

Removing old metal fillings was a big money maker for dentists after it became a rage of hysteria. Most of mine were taken out because they failed and caused other problems like cold sensitivity and further cavities forming. I wouldn't be surprised if we all got a bit of toxic poisoning from the mercury. But then again sitting in traffic and breathing car exhaust is probably just as bad if not worse.

Make sure that what they replace them with are not worse than what they are taking out.

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