What Would Make Paleo/Lifestyle Optimization Easier to Implement/Sustain?

Answered on August 03, 2018
Created January 17, 2017 at 3:06 PM

Hi everyone - My wife is a nurse practitioner with a primary care/integrative/functional focus, and we have a lot of personal/family experience with chronic disorders. As you know, optimizing lifestyle can have a profound impact on these conditions (and health/healthspan). But we've seen so many people (family and ourselves included) struggle to find, implement and sustain the optimal lifestyle.

We have our theories as to why that's the case, what can help, and we're in the process of developing a technology platform/service that we think will help.

But it would be REALLY helpful to hear what you think are the problems and solutions. If you can spare a few minutes, we'd really appreciate if you would take this quick survey: linnect [DOT] com/surveys/general?name=General

Thanks so much!

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3 Answers


on August 03, 2018
at 11:44 AM

I follow the simple life style



on January 23, 2017
at 03:59 AM

a freezer helps for sure, so you can buy meat once a year. Making 5 gallons of broth at a time and freezing it in quarts helps. Be OK with eating the same stuff for several days. When we make a chicken we have 3 or 4 chicken and potatoes dinners in a row. A food processor with a root grater makes for a lot of quick paleo side dishes. Giant jars of sauerkrauts in the fridge also take care of condiments, probiotics, and veggies.

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on January 21, 2017
at 03:44 PM

By far, keeping things practical. I used to cook a lot more, but don't have much free time these days. Keeping bags of frozen broccoli and peppers has made things easier, as well as bags of pre-riced cauliflower from Trader Joe's. Fresh is best, but it's better than eating junk or not eating at all. Having snacks in my bag and purse are helpful, too. Apples, homemade flax crackers (which are cheap and easy to make), and also a dropper of stevia. At home, I usually have cucumbers and avocados for a quick chips-and-dip as well. I also think it's important to not be too rigid. I have a lot of restrictions, but things that don't bother me in moderation, like beans, I will eat occasionally. Perfection, superficially, is an unnecessary stressor and far more unhealthy (IMO) than decent but less-than-optimal food.

I say this in addition to taking the survey. Preparedness, schedule and socializing are by far the hardest parts of following a diet or living with restrictions.

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