Recently Started Paleo for PCOS and weight loss - how many calories are too few?

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I started the Paleo Diet on the 1st of January. I have been quite successful and I am currently very happy with it. For the first time in my life I am successfully loosing weight(13 pounds) so far.

I feel fine, i would not say I have more energy then before but I don't feel bad in anyway. I am doing a strict version of it at the moment. Whole 30 ish with maybe a day or two where I had cheese/wine. I have also started allowing myself 1 piece of chocolate a day, 85% coca, at 105 cals.

I am using a weight loss website caloriecounter to track what I eat and make sure I am still nutritionally sound which I seem to be other then it telling me I have too much fat and too little carbs!

I worked out my BMR as about 1564 or so. I have been aiming to have a 500 calorie deficit to loose weight but I have read in a lot of places that less then 1200 is unhealthy and I want to avoid doing anything to harm my health. I roughly eat about 1000 cals a day. I avoid fruit and nuts as they seem to stall my weight loss but I eat plenty of meat, veg, eggs. I bake with almond flour/milk to allow myself some pancakes and some muffins. I have some honey on occasion. My normal day would be 2 scrambled eggs /w some veg. Lunch : Soup or Stir-fry(with meat and veg) - Dinner Meat/salad or veg - w/ gravy(fat). I snack on vegetables w/ guacamole/salsa. I generally don't feel hungry unless i've not eaten in a few hours. I feel a bit tired but i always feel like this. I go to the gym and I do resistance training every 2 days, new plan is cross fit style. No cardio.

Can anyone tell me if I am harming my health with basing my cal intake at around 1000 or do I need to up it till 1200. I am happy eating as I am, its easy and enjoyable for me but I don't want to damage my health most importantly. I would plan on increasing my cal intake again slowly once I reach my ideal weight which is another 34 pounds.

Any advise would be appreciated.



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Any tip advise or experiences would be really helpful here. Normally you would go ask a doctor/nutritionists but most of them seem to have it all wrong :(

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