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Answered on September 11, 2013
Created September 11, 2013 at 12:47 AM

I am convinced paleo is the healthiest way to eat but I'm having some adverse effects. I'm a teenager who used keto to lose some weight and found out about paleo and started for optimal health. I'm about 3 months in and am constipated, low sex drive, lethargic, almost certain I have low thyroid, waking up at 6 regardless of bedtime, dizzy, and slowly gaining back weight.


on September 11, 2013
at 01:31 AM

Breakfast: 4eggs in coconut oil or butter, bacon if I have any.

Lunch: usually 3 hard boiled eggs.. Maybe one bell pepper and a tomato.

Snack: sardines

Dinner: 6-12 oz meat +vegetables sauted in butter.

Add fats to hit 2500 cals

If I have any fruit in the fridge 1-4 cups or whole fruits.



on September 11, 2013
at 01:17 AM

Could you tell us what you are eating?

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on September 11, 2013
at 11:44 PM

1. Get moving: run if you can't swim, walk if you can't run.

2. Don't snack

3. Cut the fruit to one piece per day

4. Too much meat


on September 11, 2013
at 01:46 AM

If you have thyroid issues, you shouldn't being eating a low carb diet (look up Chris Kresser's articles on this)--add some yams, winter squash, sweet potatoes, and other starchy carbs back into your diet ASAP. You can still lose weight with carbs--Keto and low carb is NOT the best approach to weight loss for everyone.

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