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Hi Everyone,(this statement is the answer, and can only really be discussed and bandied about)

I think all this paleo, 801010, vegan, raw,... whatever it is,... is all nonsense. If you live to perform, you consume to perform, being healthy,... going on the indicators and responses your body gives that you can correlate with what you consume. It's not about weight loss, weight gain. It's simply about being well, a vehicle to perform and enjoy living, and being in good/great shape,... which includes keeping your body as a reasonably clean, efficiently running machine(occasional use of 'cleansing products/bulking tonics' can be beneficial). You've got control of your health with the foods you consume. All fundamental foods are healthy for humans, in general, though variable per the individual as to what may be healthy quantities and frequencies. And yes, some fundamental(long historical use) foods are not good for some people.

Everything you consume has an effect on your body that your body makes evident. It's up to each individual to make sense of what your body indicates with both desire and response for you to both feel healthy and really be healthy, genuinely. Do as you can to be 'in tune', with the choices available to you for maintaining good dietary balance, both as a matter of the foods eaten, the combinations, and the quantities eaten.

Grains are good for us, milk, cheese, beer/alcoholic bevs, etc,... all good for us, as are fruits, vegetables, and animal flesh and products. What matters is how some of these may be prepared, and again variable to the individual as to how frequent and what quantities (if safe and useful for the individual) are healthy for them.

For the record, I've always been athletic and slender, I'm 6'4" by 200 pounds, age 45. Been mindful of health and disease correlations since I was age 15. I understand the whole deal. Been there done that,... got results, both bad and good during my main exploratory phase, and since 1995/96 it's just been a matter of variable experience and refinement/in-tune-ment as a fundamental omnivore.

Also, if you find a food causes inflammation in 'normal' amounts, either substantially reduce the amount you consume of that food or eliminate it indefinitely. Common causers of inflammation in 'normal' or somewhat higher than normal amounts, though not true with all people, and can be variable even with each individual depending on their lifestyle, degree of physical activity, climate, age,.... , and the quality of the item matters also, are all vegetable oils, butter, eggs, cheese, chocolate, nuts, seeds, grain products, melons(honeydew, cantaloupe), strawberries, avocados, highly sweet dried fruit,.....(the biggest offenders I find are vegetable oils, all types, though olive and sesame in small amounts could be the most safe/acceptable, generally) I also realize some people may figure that some inflammatory reactions to some non oily fruits can be 'detox' reactions,... possibly yes. Bottom line, avoid inflammation, which is shown by rashes, acne,... and the like, since inflammation doesn't look pretty, for one,... and second of all, inflammation normally correlates with the development of disease and potentially eventually a chronic disease if the inflammatory conditions persist long enough, whether as cancer, diabetes, acne, and just about any other disease, - at least those diseases that have a strong correlation with what we consume for nourishment, sustenance, enjoyment.




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Cool story bro.

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