Is interrupted sleep something to be concerned about?

Commented on August 09, 2015
Created August 09, 2015 at 5:43 PM

Every single night, I wake up at least twice to pee. I drink a lot of water in general, and I drink some liquids up to half an hour before falling asleep, but not nearly as much as during the day. I've had to adopt having a jug besides my bed to pee or else constant bathroom trips would be a dread (some will find this disgusting, I know).

Despite all this, I sleep very well, usually between 8-9 hrs and pretty much never need an alarm clock, unless I have class early. Every single night I have very vivid and interesting dreams, and I wake up feeling like I had a deep sleep. It still annoys me to wake up sometimes up to 5 times having to pee, and I'm concerned it might have some implications with hormone balance (cortisol mostly). Is it something I should be concerned about despite sleeping well and feeling rested? Should I just suck it up and cut all liquids, even my relaxing bed time tea hours before bed time to prevent this?

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on August 09, 2015
at 06:52 PM

Yes, this can be a big stressor.  How low carb is your diet, generally this isn't caused by how much water you drink, but going too low carb, and cortisol being signalled to invoke gluconeogenesis.


Maybe try a cup of white rice before sleep?

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on August 09, 2015
at 07:00 PM

It depends on schedule. If it's training day, I eat more carbs, but never too much, as I have some degree of insulin resistance and a history of diabetes runs in the family, plus I don't feel like I need much and having them too often or during the earlier part of the day make me hungry and sometimes sluggish. I usually have as little as 60g and as high as 160g, mostly post workout and in the evening. Occasionally I'll go up to 300g mostly post workout to experiment after feeling a bit depleted when dieting, and even on those days I'll still wake up at least twice to pee. I think you might be right about gluconeogenesis, because I've found that I feel, sleep and lean out best when I keep carbs and protein moderate and around the same level (both around 120-130g) for my weight.

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