Does Smoking Causes Sexual Problems?

Answered on July 16, 2018
Created August 01, 2014 at 7:09 AM

I have heard different opinions from people about this issue. I am a smoker and i am experiencing impotency issues. Can smoking cigarettes really causes ED. One of my friend prescibed me Penegra. It is very efficient medication. But my erectile dysfunction problems are due to smoking??


on March 17, 2018
at 05:14 AM

The Risk of smoking is severe on erectile health it is because of cigarette harmful chemicals toxic substance effects on bloood vessels.
the blood flows properly when nervous system is fucntionctioning well

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on December 16, 2015
at 09:14 AM

Smoking can cause multiple sexual issues in men. Your sperm count, quality can be reduced. Your ability to perform is at risk if you smoke a lot. Your stamina won't be nearly what it was before you smoked. In case of low sex drive issues you can Buy Generic Viagra medication, its the best safest treatment available for men nowadays.


on March 17, 2018
at 05:06 AM

You don't need generic viagra, first you need to quit smoking. If you do that within a couple weeks or months you should start to be able to get aroused like normal. If after several months your condition does not improve that is when you should talk to your doctor about alternatives like generic viagra.

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on November 08, 2017
at 11:39 AM

Yes Obviously it is related, smoking interferes with blood circulation, it reduces blood stream so it gets difficult to have an erection which requires a strong blood stream through the penis. Smoking can also damage the sperm quality, also Alcohol has the same effect too. For Low Sex Drive issues try Sildenafil Citrate. As it has very less side effects.


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on July 16, 2018
at 12:44 PM

Yes. smoking reduce your sexual ability, it results lower performance during intercourse session but it and not only it effects and harms Mens ED but also other organs , mainly lungs which causes breathing issues.


on July 06, 2018
at 09:41 AM

Erectile Dysfunction issues can be caused due to smoking as smoking constricts the arteries and blood flow. So yes, it is possible that this could be a factor. So ignore smoking cigarette as long as possible. And Yes Penegra Tablets are the best option to tackle Erectile Dysfunction issues in males.


on June 28, 2018
at 07:17 AM

Yes smoking reduces sperms count and also effects on male impotency.

Quite smoking if You can, it will also help your health and maintain your sexual fitness healthyfor longer time. 


on June 25, 2018
at 01:14 PM

if you stop smoking cigarettes, suddenly you will lot of issues so try deceasing amount of cigaretess you are smoking


on May 30, 2018
at 09:15 AM

Erectile dysfunction, also called impotence problems, can be caused by a wide variety of physical and mental factors. Among them are heavy cigarette smokings. It’s not good since smoking can harm your blood vessels, and erectile dysfunction is often an outcome of poor arterial blood circulation to the penis. Fortunately, if you stop smoking cigarettes, your vascular health is likely to increase, as well as your sexual health and performance. In case of low sex drive issues, you can Buy Generic Viagra 100mg drug, it's the best treatment for men.


on February 28, 2018
at 06:17 AM

Heavy smoking or chain smoking cigarettes can lead to erectile dysfunction or impotence issue. If you are in this category you are definitely experience with erectile dysfunction (ED). Smoking reduces the blood circulation within the body as a result you can get lower erection at the time of intercourse.

So avoid smoking cigarette as you possible. If ED problem happens then you may use Kamagra 100mg pill from SureViagra online pharmacy that help to get stronger and longer time erection.


on January 06, 2018
at 12:25 PM

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by a range of physical and psychological factors. Among them is cigarette smoking. Smoking cigarette daily can wreak havoc not only on your lungs, but also your sex life.It's not surprising since smoking can damage your blood vessels. So in order to get rid off sexual problems, try Generic Viagra Tablets from Genericviagramart drugstore the safest medication available.

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on November 24, 2017
at 12:44 PM

Yes, it is related. Heavy smoking can cause Erectile Dysfunction issues. It affects the sperm quality. In case of Erectile issues try Generic Viagra Online medicine.

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