does anyone have idea what could be causing this?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created August 14, 2013 at 6:51 PM


i'm pretty new to paleo, i've come to it via the raw food vegan bandwagon and i have found so many benefits eating meat, like not having ridiculously low blood pressure and not getting dizzy when i don't eat every hour on the hour...also my hair was going white in single strands everwhere, and i was having other low-thyroid symptoms. now the white hairs are growing in their natural colour again after 2 months!

trouble is i'm having massive breakouts on my face, huge angry red spots on my forhead near the hairline and even bigger ones on my chin and round the sides of my face. my skin was good before now! i'm about 2 months into eating meat, most other foods are the same as before except i've cut down on the huge amounts of natural fruits sugars i was having and i don't eat those junk food raw chocolate bars anymore. i'm supplementing with seagreens seaweed and have started eating mackerel, sardines and anchovies every week instead of always taking fish oil supplements. i'm also into eating venison liver in frozen "pills" a la weston a. price and having homemade gelatinous chicken broth. everything i'm eating is organic, my water is filtered to remove chlorine and fluoride et al. in fact, this is a time in my life where i have access to the best, most organic and local fresh food that i've ever been able to have but i still feel lacking body-wise and something isn't quite right. i haven't been getting enough sleep, and this is a big problem, i hope it's the sleep that's my missing link for hormonal balance but i just don't know for sure. does anyone have any experience of this kind of thing? any ideas would be very much appreciated!

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on August 14, 2013
at 07:41 PM

What else is your diet like?

In my experience, when you make a sudden switch, you start consuming a lot of XYZ that you didn't eat before and it may be that that's what is causing you to break out. I actually broke out a lot from fish. A lot of people on PH have problems with coconut which is considered healthy. However, just because it's healthy doesn't mean your skin is going to like it.

Could you try going back to vegan-ish type food - salads, vegetable soups cooked in beef broth or chicken broth, things like that, and slowly adding in eggs, a little meat, chicken, pork? (Or mussels, crab, etc. things like that)

Some people go crazy on the sardines, salmon, anchovies, etc. and I know fish is healthy, but so are the other things you can eat.

I think Melissa McEwen (huntgatherlove.com) also talked about having some difficulty switching over with the body's ability to handle meat, fish, eggs, etc. when you haven't had them in a while. She said something like the body downregulates production of enzymes required to handle those foods. Don't try to force yourself into paleo and gorge on animal products, although it's good you feel better.

Just trying to help you make a gradual switch so you don't feel like you need to consume a lb of meat every day or 1/2 lb of fish every day just because you're "paleo."

Continue to love vegetables, and eat fruit (say, 2 pieces a day) away from meals because fructose and omega-6 or omega-3 can create advanced-glycation end products, which could be bad for your skin.

And may I suggest that you include bananas, plantains, taro root, potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc. for some starch? (rice too if you want)

I would advise a gradual transition....






on August 14, 2013
at 09:23 PM

thanks so much for the feedback everyone.

i came from eating a very high fat vegan diet, with lots and lots of raw vegetables, lots of greens, a lot of chocolate smoothies, a lot of bananas and avocadoes, and some millet and quinoa. i also started to eat lentils and beans but they made me feel terrible. i don't eat potatoes as they make me fall asleep immediately and rice gives me cystitis symptoms as it's too sweet and starchy i think. i always did the chicken broth when i was raw food eating, i used it as a supplement, so i wasn't really vegan, but no dairy or eggs. i did start eating egg yolks last month, with good results at first but they made me feel drained after a few times. i'm not eating tonnes of meat, no where near, about fish once a week, as i'm new to fish i never ever liked it before. also grass fed organic beef, very thin steaks and only about 70grms a day at one meal, and not every day. so my usual foods are some chicken, beef, bone broth (but i'm quite lazy with making a mug of bone broth so it's not every day) huge amounts of salad, dark greens like kale, flowers and more delicate salad leaves, coconut oil, flax seeds, walnuts, almonds, pecans, macadamias, barley grass powder, fruit, a lot of melons and cucumbers, turmeric, fresh herbs like parsley, olive oil, himalayan salt, black pepper, herbal teas, and i cut fresh liver into tiny pieces and freeze for two weeks and take a couple of pieces every few days like pills, with a glass of water. i also combine food pretty well, except maybe i mix coconut oil and nuts and flax in a smoothie, but i don't eat sweet things after a meal. i used to mix crazy foods together before paleo. i've always had very dry skin and especially chapped lips and hands and it got better about a month into this new way of eating but i feel like it's slipped again. i'm prepared to give this a real chance as i feel it may take a while for things to settle, and i'm in a very experimental stage of eating, as opposed to the very dogmatic way i was a few years back with raw vegan eating, but i don't want to wake up every day feeling puffed up and dumb in the head with a stuffy nose. i am starting to freak out though, do i have to choose between feeling that way, but feeling satisfied with food, or clear in the head but nutritionally deficient, or is there some middle ground i'm missing? p.s. sorry for being a bit whiney :s


on August 14, 2013
at 07:19 PM

Sleep could be a problem. Making sure your stress level is under control is important, stress causes breakouts..

I've never heard of these frozen pills... What are the benefits supposed to be there?

I think that other factors which contribute to a healthy lifestype would include:

Are you getting enough sun and time outside?

Are you getting enough vitamins and nutrients, what are you eating besides meat?

What type of products are you using, face lotions and cleaners?

These major changes, switching from no meat to tons of meat could also be part of the imbalance in your hormones thats causing your problems.


on August 14, 2013
at 08:19 PM

Hmmm, I would say you (sadly) started of from the wrong place :) usually people have bad skin on too much junk food and carbs, then when they switch to paleo, one of the first things is their skin clears up. That was also my case. You went from eating low... everything to high fat, so it kind of makes sense that your skin is showing a reaction to that switch. Although the diet is sound, in your case unfortunately it resulted in face breakouts. Maybe try to transition from vegan to paleo more slowly, make a compromise for a month or two and add sports. Or limit that fatty fishies input ;) ...keep in mind that (I presume) feeling better is more important.

Good luck, Ivan

ps. after reading your post again one thing stood out. The gelatinous chicken broth is seriously fatty, I remember when my grandma used to cook chicken soups and broths I always felt like my skin was really oily and out of balance... try switching to a less gelatinous beef soup/broth.

My bet is (besides a more gradual transition) on the gelatinous chicken broth ;)

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