Do you think paleo is successful because you give your body what it needs or because you take away the bad stuff?

Asked on September 05, 2014
Created September 03, 2014 at 3:35 PM

My immune system is so much better. Do you think it's because I'm nourishing my body with healthy foods or because I'm finally not eating stuff my body is sensitive to? I know it's probably a little of both, but which one more than the other?

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on September 04, 2014
at 01:41 PM

Well, Paleo is more of an elimination-style diet, so it's probably more because of the junk food and other bad foods that get eliminated. I mean, it's not like someone couldn't eat sardines and broccoli before they went Paleo. I ate a lot of Paleo stuff before I went Paleo, but unfortunately I also ate a lot of junk and carbs as well, it was getting rid of the junk that helped.



on September 05, 2014
at 10:30 AM



The main goal of paleo is elimination of toxins, but just about every intro to paleo book will tell you to add in magnesium, fish oil, Vitamin K2, pasutred egg yolks, liver from grassfed beef, coconut oil, organic berries, grassfed butter, bone broth, fermented foods, and dark chocolate >85%.  Most of these additions are unknown/not recommended by SAD health sources, and are health promoting.

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on September 05, 2014
at 01:25 PM

More from eliminating the bad stuff.

Paleo makes people think about foods before eating them. You benefit not only from eating better foods, but you tend to avoid overeating truly bad foods. You get fat and sick on pizza and chips, not cruciferous vegetables and meat.

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