Anyone familiar with Meir Schneider's Yoga for Your Eyes?

Answered on January 05, 2015
Created January 09, 2013 at 5:18 AM

I've recently been trying to "hack" my vision; possibly revrese/get rid of my floaters and visual snow, and if anything, increase my vision (although it's already good, I believe 20/20, but will be getting it tested at the ophthalmologist soon). I came across Yoga for Your Eyes on the bulletproof exec podcast, not sure which one. Here is the author: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJS2LTsQde4 he displays some of the exercises in this 8 part video series. As the narrator in the beginning describes, Meir was completely blind as a child, and had seven surgeries on his eyes. He now drives a car and goes about living his life without the help of even eye glasses. Pretty amazing.

Does anyone have any experience on Meir or his books? I would really like to know if anyone has read the books and done his exercises and had any improvements.

Looking forward to any responses, and thanks in advance!

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on January 05, 2015
at 02:24 PM

Meir's work is simple and effective. You don't have to have a medical background to understand why your eyes suffer and your vision degradates.
I experienced a sense of relaxation in my eyes after doing some of the exercises.


on March 06, 2013
at 12:28 PM

hey the link isn't working

Frontpage book

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on June 09, 2013
at 02:05 PM

Hi i'm a second year ophthalmology student and my father is an optometrist..I would say it can't do any harm to try it. But always see an optometrist first as floaters need a good thorough examination to rule out more serious eye problems/conditions..

But eye exercises are known to help improve eye accommodation but i wouldn't have thought it would help with floaters or give you better vision (personal opinion)

In terms of improving vision, it doesn't sound like you can if you can see 20/20 but eat lots of beta carotene and maybe take a supplement such as "i-caps".. :)



on January 05, 2015
at 11:59 PM

I have one of his kits. Some of the exercises are foolish but many of them do work. I'm currently in the process of using some of them to improve my eyesight before going in for a new prescription. In the meantime, my vision is noticeably clearer. Here's a related video from a guy that dramatically improved his vision with similar techniques. 



on July 03, 2013
at 08:14 PM

I watched a few videos on Youtube about it. I tried this Youga, looks like it helps. I think, I see better now.



on April 18, 2013
at 09:18 PM

'Eye gymnastics' is a massive thing in Eastern Europe and kids are encouraged to exercise their eyes from young age. I myself have -4 both eyes and when it just started dropping (-0.75-1.00) I was attending eye gymnastics classes in a local private clinic and my eye sight went back to 0.9 :) I don't do it now, but really should


on March 07, 2013
at 02:20 PM

Personal anecdote. An ex gf of mine shared a similar method used by buddhist monks in Nepal and she claims the exercises improved her sight. I've yet to be consistent enough to try this though.


on March 06, 2013
at 12:28 PM

hey the link isn't working


on January 09, 2013
at 07:34 AM

A friend of mine is an eye doctor and she recommends Meir to many of her patients. I will look into this for myself as my vision could use improving. Thank you--wish I knew more to share with you.

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