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Hi, everyone. My mom has been sick for the past 2-2.5 years now. At first, we had no clue what it was. The doctor did a biopsy but didn't find anything there. For these past years, she's been on a lot of prescription meds and took traditional Chinese medicine. My household isn't Paleo, although I've been trying paleo out for a few months which I started at college. At home, we do our best to eat organically since we grow an organic garden. My family except for me is vegetarian, but we've introduced organic, cage free eggs to our diet as of recently.

Even with the good intentions of trying to eat better and cutting a lot of bad stuff out, my mom still isn't getting any better. She goes to an acupuncturist 2x a week and stopped taking the prescription meds prescribed by her doctor (the prescriptions were not making anything better). She also takes herbal supplements and vitamins. but she's gone to the emergency room quite a few times this year. One of the times she's went to the emergency room to be treated for pancreatitis. They've done blood work and lab tests on her and they found that her sugars are high. Per doctor's orders, she's not supposed to eat anything too spicy, high in oils, or sugars.

I'm just concerned. She's always been a skinny person around 85-95 lbs. She's always eating a lot in hopes that she gains weight but she doesn't. She did gain weight for a period of time a while ago, but she has lost some weight and has not regained any that she's lost. When she's at her worse, she has severe stomach pains which were most of the reasons why she went to the ER.

I am just confused because we do see doctors and acupuncturists, but to me it seems that it's a mystery as to why she hasn't improved and pretty much has stayed the same. Also, I would like to know if having my mom try to be more Paleo, would she at least get a little bit better with her health, or would she just stay the same?



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I forgot to add that she does eat fruit, but she can't be eating too much refined foods that have high sugar contents.

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