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Answered on July 26, 2013
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Starting next month, my friend and I will begin a 30 day challenge to transform my health (and his a bit).

We don't have to work. No family will be around. No commitments.

I also have a decent budget for the best food and tools.

I know this is a very broad question but, given this opportunity, what would you spend your time and money on.



Main goals: improved gut, weight gain, no back or muscle pain, no allergies or intolerance's.

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on July 26, 2013
at 06:27 PM

Weight gain can be harder if you are the skinny type. It will demand quite a bit of protein, fruits and training.

My Whole30 last month was about weight loss, great posture and keeping a clear head. I have got a great new routine of buying even more fresh foods and lots of omega-3 rich fats, and fasting seemed like a breeze in the summer heat. I have lost enough weight now to start crossfit with a friend of mine, so this will be my next target (only did some WODs on my own for now).

Basically start avoiding supermarkets, and find the local market. Buy some smoked fish if you need a fast snack once in a while. I also tried going back to eating nuts, but I think I have found some new allergies. For muscle build-up, remember to eat a bit of carbs before, and proteins after training (I don't think there is a limit if you want to gain weight). Find a trainer that helps you build up slowly, so you don't overdo it from the beginning.

Remember water and lots of salt.

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