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I'll when crushed bubbled up at the ridge$170 million years ago it was light and buoyant but as a travel10,000 miles LiftDerma across the plate it cooled and became compact and dense over millions of years the dense crust got heavier began to sink into the mantle below on scientists realized that because the cross that the Marianas Trench is the oldest ocean crust it's also the heaviest and so has sunk deeper into the mantle than any other area ocean crust in here at last was the explanations forth trenches extraordinary depth of the picture the Marianas Trench is almost complete volcanic islands mirroring the trenches exact shape lead scientist to believe it runs along a seduction zone and slippery mud volcanoes explain why it doesn't create large earthquakes butane question remains: unanswered towards the trenches southern the vast chasm drops the further two miles to its lowest point the Challenger Deep seven miles beneath the waves the question is what makes it plunge so deep 1 investigation into the Marianas Trenches one final puzzle to solve on at the trench in southern end the seafloor plummets a further 10,000 feet into a seven mile deep chasm.


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