Inability to eat or digest meat

Answered on January 31, 2018
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Hi I am new to this forum but have recently begun exploring paleo as a possible option for my family.  What started my quest was my own health problems because I have long belived that what we eat can greatly affect our health.  Recently we have had some life changes and during that my hubs developed some pretty big issues and I am trying to help him.  To start off with he is not someone who gets sick he is very healthy, eats better than 85% of most Americans and is if anything under weight.  He has a high metabolism due to years of being active and working on his feet. He is a moderate drinker of beer only. Everything started with him about 7 months ago when he started having panic attacks.  He went to the doctor and is being treated for these with anti anxiety medication.  While he was being treated for this he was also due for a work required physical which we had done with the same doctor.  He had high blood pressure and At the time some of his liver numbers came back high and the doctor had him come back in 3 weeks to have the tests rerun the numbers were better this time but still slightly high so they ran more in depth test which showed high iron levels and caused the doctor to think he might have hemochromatosis (sp?) so the doc asked about family history.  We questioned his parents and family who said there was no history to their knowledge but their is quite a bit of history of altzheimers and Parkinson’s which I know can sometimes be linked to hemochromatosis.  The doctor wanted to do tests for it but during the time we lost our medical insurance and haven’t been able to afford the tests out of pocket.  In the last 4 months he has started having lots of stomach problems which range from throwing up everyday, nausea, pain, bowel problems and being unable to eat for sometimes 24-36 hours.  At first we thought it might be stress related but it does not seem to be getting any better and only seems to be getting worse.  He also seems to have really bad reactions to meat and thinks he can’t digest it because anytime he eats meat his symptoms get much worse and it seems like his body tries to get rid of the meat as quickly as possible usually causing him to throw up.  Just to clarify when I say he throws up it is not just a little bit of throwing up it’s is violent extreme painful throwing up and this happens on a daily basis.  He also says he has pain in the area of his liver but this comes and goes. Obviously this is something we are worried about and wondering if anyone has suggestions or things to try that might help? Please understand we are seeing a doctor as money allows but just wanted to get some other ideas as the docs don’t seem to have very many answers.  Thanks for any help in advance and sorry for the long post :)

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on January 31, 2018
at 12:24 AM

It could be this: https://news.nationalgeographic.com/2017/06/tick-bite-meat-allergy-spreading-spd/

or it could by hypochloridia (low stomach acid).  Consuming Betaine HCL capsules before any meal contain meat might help. 

Pain near the liver could indicate issues with low bile acid or bile "stones".  Did he have his gallbladder taken out? If so he'd need to use ox bile capsules before every meal containing fat.

Hemochromatosis means too much iron.  He can donate blood, if that's allowed to lower iron count, or by consuming collostrum.  And obviously limit red meat consumption.  Drinking coffee when consuming red meat can help block some absorption of the iron, but if it is hemochromatosis that's not going to be enough.



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