Health Issues after paleo diet...Does anyone share the same....

Asked on April 14, 2018
Created April 14, 2018 at 1:18 PM

I started eating paleo about 5 years ago but more strictly about 3 years ago. unofrtunatley , I just realized that was when the first health problems I experienced started.

As a child I rarely ate meat and was on a diet of crap - junk food, sugar, white flour, and fruit.


Anyways- the first symtoms were sinus infection like- but I dont think it was actualy an infection- who knows-

My voice changed

I felt crystal like joint issues- so  I reduced a little on the protein.

My throat neded to always be cleard (extra mucus
sinus felt clogged all the time

I lost weight (I started at 85) went down to 80- But then later on when I started eating tons more- I gained weight and now I am at 100- BTW i am small-and thin- so 85-90 was normal for me

One day I hada strange blood taste in my mouth for a  week- and I felt o weak I went to the E.R - but the ysaid nothing- I was also dehydrated suring that time and drak like 2- 3 litres of water but stil lfelt ill

That episode finished- and I jsut went back to being constantly tuffy

Then later on I started noticcing stiffness in all my joints and mucles

I felt weaker than I used to be - And Iwork out 3 times a week- Same s before - but my yoga got harder and harder each time..

When I rub my muscles and concentrate on one area- it Hurts -I get swollen lymphe nodes all over- also in neck- where I am ALWAYS stiff no matter what- if i massage alot it wil lgo away fo rthe day-but i always wake up with a stuffy nose- and some stiffness

Doctors say - nothing - mbut maybe I have fibromylagia (Which is not testable) HOwever I had none of these issues before paleo

(I also lost my period for 5 years - this started bfore the paleo but after I started eating more meat- and then it cam back one day- and skipped a another month- and now its irregular)

I want to know if Anyone else has had any similar symptoms to me after paleo..

I started eating some carbs 2 years ago- but only very little- Ihave increased on carbs slowly -to where I am still Low carb

I did that because my husband said Its the lack of carbs- my body is not the riught type for eating too much protein- it may be true...

Im only 36... so Im not old enought to have so many health issues

Thanks for reading


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