So easy weight loss tips???

Answered on May 07, 2019
Created September 25, 2018 at 5:43 AM

I want to lose weight in the next 60 days. Please suggest some good tips :D

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on May 07, 2019
at 06:24 AM

A good diet is essential for fat loss. You need to cut out ALL sugar except fruit, which you should eat in moderation, increase your protein to help build muscle, and eat more healthy fats e.g. Avocado and nuts. DON'T cut out carbs you need the fiber but you can switch to eating whole grains rather than white. Drink detox water and smoothies to help flush the toxins out your body and reduce bloating. Also, avoid excess salt consumption as this leads to water retention and ultimately bloating! Every time you get unmotivated or feel like cheating on your diet (believe me, I've had these moments) remember: IT TAKES TIME. picture your goal figure every time you want to cheat.

Finally, this isn't a diet, it's changing your lifestyle. If you treat this as a diet, as soon as you stop the pounds are going to pack back on. GOOD LUCK!!


on February 21, 2019
at 11:48 AM

Hi... i know it too late to suggest you the weight lose tips but realy want to rply you on this topic. As following there are 30 days workout planner which you can repeat same after 30day for next 30 days.

 Good luck....

Day 1 - Arms: Wide-Grip Push-Up
Day 2 - Legs: Surrender Squat
Day 3 - Back: Superman with Lateral Raise
Day 4 - Abs: Single-Leg V-Up
Day 5 - Total-Body: Switch Jump
Day 6 - Arms: Forearm Crossover Push-Up
Day 7 - Legs: Lunge Kick
Day 8 - Back: Bent-Over Reverse Fly
Day 9 - Abs: Flutter Kicks
Day 10 - Total-Body: Squat-Jump-Punch
Day 11 - Arms: Single-Arm Push-Up
Day 12 - Legs: Isometric Squat
Day 13 - Back: Reverse Plank-Up
Day 13 - Back: Reverse Plank-Up
Day 14 - Abs: Side Plank with a Twist
Day 15 - Total-Body: Burpee
Day 16 - Arms: Triceps Push-Up
Day 17 - Legs: Around-the-World Lunge
Day 18 - Back: Air Pull-Up
Day 19 - Abs: Body Saw
Day 20 - Total-Body: Run and Sprawl
Day 21 - Arms: Push-Up Press
Day 22 - Legs: Goddess Squat Jump
Day 23 - Back: Plank Bird Dog
Day 24 - Abs: Side-to-Side Crunch
Day 25 - Total-Body: Surfies
Day 25 - Total-Body: Surfies
Day 26 - Arms: Crouching Tiger Push-Up
Day 27 - Legs: Side-Lunge to Tuck Jump
Day 28 - Back: Good Morning
Day 29 - Abs: Forearm Spider Plank
Day 30 - Total-Body: Single-Leg Burpee







on January 07, 2019
at 06:14 AM

There are several ways to lose weight fast. Most of these ways are going to make you hungry and not satisfied. Here is an easiest plan for losing weight. Remove all sugar and starches from your diet which help to reduce appetite. Increase the intake of proteins, fruits and low car vegetables in your meal. Along with this, do some exercises as weight lifting, cardio on daily basis.


on April 26, 2019
at 06:07 AM

Before going for weight loss always make sure you need to take control of your hunger. Start reducing carbs and sugar from the diet. If gyming is not possible for you then do normal walking, running activities on a daily basis. There are so many abs workout is also available where you can go for it when you get free time. Try to reduce intake of alcohol otherwise, your efforts will have no values. Nowadays there is an alternative option of weight loss pills are also available. It also show good results and reduce the obesity and maintain your BMI(Body Mass Index) rate. 


on March 22, 2019
at 06:44 AM

There is only one Word: Running.


on March 18, 2019
at 04:20 AM

I have another problem. I want to gain weight in 60 days)


on October 12, 2018
at 06:36 AM

Frioget meat and dairy and alcohol - start haiking


on October 08, 2018
at 04:35 PM

Eliminate meat and dairy and alcohol, and of course soft drinks which should go without saying. This will help your cholesterol, insulin sensitivity, and you will lose weight as well. Keep added sugar to 50 grams or less per day and instead eat fruits where the sugars are combined with fiber (fruit juice is as toxic as a soft drink).

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