How has eating Paleo helped with healing?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created November 04, 2011 at 2:05 PM

Hello Everyone! I'm a newbie and have been eating paleo for about 12 months in response to gluten sensitivity and diagnosis of bowel wall thickening. I do feel much better, but have lingering issues with nail fungus and minor acne. I believe my health issues were caused by SAD and was wondering how long my body needs to heal from forty plus years of an extremely unhealthy diet and lifestyle.



on November 04, 2011
at 03:18 PM

Thanks, I will begin to increase consumption of coconut oil.



on November 04, 2011
at 02:32 PM

Depends on how strict you are. After 5 months I'm healthier than I have ever been (I'm 20, so I guess I wasn't that damaged), but I do eat tons of coconut oil and follow the auto-immune protocol. I still don't consider myself completely healed, though.

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on November 04, 2011
at 06:33 PM

I was paleo for 3 months, with this past month being a horrible fall downhill. I started eating carbs & sugar again, and saw a dramatic change.

Before going paleo, I suffered from Candida, scalp problems (really gross flakes, itchiness, etc), skin problems (blemishes, pimples, dryness), asthma, and more. I was just a mess.

When I was on paleo, I saw these things healing up, slowly but surely. However, it wasn't until I started my old eating habits again until I actually noticed the difference. Now my asthma is worse than it's ever been, my scalp is horrendous, and my skin just looks awful. I'm tired all the time and have stomach problems. Even my nails and cuticles have gotten worse.

I'm definitely going back on paleo. I'm going to start, cold turkey (just like I did last time) after going to the grocery store today. :)

I really miss and love the paleo lifestyle that I had cultivated for myself!

Good luck to you and your own health problems. Happy healing!



on November 04, 2011
at 07:47 PM

I seem to need a lot of vitamin C along with my meat/fat/veggies in order to heal. After 50+ years of neolithic eating, I went primal. During the 1st month, I didn't eat any fruit and I felt better but not dramatically better. In my second month, I re-introduced grapefruit (selected because it's a lifelong favorite) and there was an explosion of energy and well-being. I don't eat it every day now, but I don't usually skip more than 2 days and I'm convinced it's important for my overall healing.

On your question of how long it took, a couple weeks after I added the grapefruit I felt fully healed and slow but steady weight loss plus sustained high energy reinforced that.

When I fell apart a bit in September, I immediately felt sick and switched back and it only took a few days to feel great again although I'm sure my innards weren't fully healed that fast.

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