Hack my little brother's arm that won't heal.

Asked on January 28, 2012
Created January 28, 2012 at 7:59 PM

About a year ago a relative of mine flew off his bicycle and broke both of his forearms. 6 surgeries later he's going in for another one. They aren't healing right because the bone exited his skin and keeps getting infected internally. Every time he goes in for surgery they have to do more Rounds of antibiotics via IV so his gut health is probably terrible but he claims he's not having issues "going." i know he buys a kombucha every so often and tries to eat yogurt. Next time i go down to see them ill show them how to make ferments. He's very thin. I told his mother to buy him Carlson 5mg Mk4 k2, and 5000iu vitamin D3. She thought some Epsom salt baths would be good too for magnesium. He's on a very small budget. He has a CSA for pastured eggs once a week, organic veggies, and He's a cook at a restaurant while going to college so he makes meat quite often though it's usually conventional. He is not paleo but I know he tries to avoid wheat most of the time, but being a college student the beer, pizza, and poverty days of beans and rice beckon. He's also taking some hormones because he's a transgender f2m. I am not looking for anyones opinion about taking the hormones, I'm only mentioning it for background. His mother is on her way up there right now sincLe he's coming out of his latest surgery. She's bringing him a crockpot and a pressure cooker to make bone broth which he's more than willing to Cook with.

Thanks in advance for everyone's help.

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