headache remedy?

Answered on November 06, 2013
Created November 06, 2013 at 6:31 PM

once in a while i will get a headache brought on by being exposed to scented things like candles or strong perfume or most recently whatever chemical is used to produce plasticized paper shopping bags. i had to put out the new bags at my store and the fumes just gave me an awful headache. yesterday i even felt a little nauseous. within a few days the smell dissipates and no longer bothers me.

since i cant really avoid exposure what can i do when i get one of these headaches? besides go home and lie down which is not always an option. i realize headaches are brought on by different things so im looking for some general advice. thanks.

sorry about the lack of punctuation. typing this from my phone and it evidently hates commas today.

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on November 06, 2013
at 07:17 PM

my mom was having a very bad headache last night and I rubbed peppermint essential oil all over her forehead. she said this helped.

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on November 06, 2013
at 06:49 PM

Stretching or some quick calisthenics.

Tea or coffee - or some dark chocolate.

Eat an orange - not sure why but I do suggest it.

Get to some fresh air and do some controlled breathing exercises to clear your lungs and offgass the stuff from your blood on the off chance it's actually being absorbed - which is probably not the cause of your headaches.

Any and all of these could be combined with the whole "fresh air" thing.

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