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Answered on September 12, 2014
Created March 05, 2013 at 10:40 PM

I??m a writer, I won some literary prizes, although I live in spain and there is almost impossible here to be paid for writting, so my job is not beeing a writer. Anyway, I used to be plenty of imagination and writting for me was so so easy... and I enjoyed so much. Now I have no imagination at all and it is very difficult for me to write. I do feel it as a physical symptom more than a lack of inspiration. I am strictly paleo since one year ago. I felt relief for my hashimoto??s symptoms since going paleo: I could give up my T4 meds through palo diet and selenium supplementation, bur I still don??t feel as a "no hashimoto??s" woman (for example I get exhausted very easily) what I think it is related to the lack of T3 supplementation (in spain they didn??t sell it and I don??t Know a doctor who can prescribe it to me). In plus, after reading a lot I was suspecting copper imbalance and I went blood testing with the result of high copper levels and normal to low zinc levels. Again, no doctor who knows about this (at least in my town) so I started supplementing my own with zinc and moly two/three month ago and now adding also manganese. In a month I will repeat blood test.

This last year I haven??t been able to write at all. I??m not able to write because my mind is not the same it was before. I??m not able to think with imagination. I must say also that from one year and a half I live in a maximum stressful ambient (physical and psychological stress ambient). But in my life I have been in very stressful ambient many times and always been able to imaginate and to write. Not now. I feel dummy also. The brain fog never had leave me. Thank you very much for reading and so sorry for my english...



on March 05, 2013
at 10:45 PM

This is a great question. I long for the days when my creativity was more vibrant, too!

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on March 06, 2013
at 12:11 AM

Hola Miriam,

??Siento pena por sus problemas! Hablo espa??ol bastante bien, entonces voy a tratar de contestarse en espa??ol. Perd??neme si no me explico bien. A m?? tambi??n me interesan cuales comidas espec??ficas come usted t??picamente - que tipos de vegetales, carnes, etc. y cantidades generales. Ser??a muy ??til ver un "men??" t??pico para ud. Muchos miembros aqu?? pueden ofrecer sus analices nutricionales. Otra cosa que me pregunto (perd??neme por fisgonear) ??Tiene que ver con edad? He le??do que menopausia puede causar problemas tiroidales, que quiz??s se aumentar??an por su Hashimoto's. En cualquier caso, puede ser alg??n cambio hormonal, por ejemplo ??Hab??a dejado o empezado con anticonceptivos cerca de cuando notaba las s??ntomas?

Adem??s, destaca para mi su ambiente de estr??s. Me parece que una mente preocupada tendr??a m??s dificultad de encontrar un espacio creativo que una mente calma. Tambi??n comprendo que mucha de nuestra estr??s viene de fuentes fuera de nuestro control. Sugiero que intente reducir las causas exteriores de su estr??s, y m??s importante, que se cure con la mente misma. Por eso, sugiero meditaci??n, hipnoterapia, sue??os l??cidos, etc. Debe investigar m??s para escoger alg??n terapia mental/espiritual que se sirve. Puede ser feng shui, jardiner??a, cromoterapia, etc. ??Cuando se mud??, not?? otros cambios en el ambiente? Por ejemplo, he o??do que alergias, espec??ficamente de moho, pueden causar s??ntomas mentales. Podr??a ayudarse buscar fuentes potenciales de alergias en su casa y eliminarlas naturalmente (s??n qu??micas molestas).

!Mucha suerte!

(What I meant to say in English):

I'm sorry to hear about your troubles! I speak Spanish well enough, so I am going to try to answer you in Spanish. Forgive me if I don't explain myself well. I am also interested in which specific foods you typically eat- what kind of vegetables, meat, etc. and general quantities. It would be very useful to see a typical "menu" for you. Many members here (on paleohacks) can offer their nutritional analyses. Another thing that I'm wondering (forgive me for asking) Does it have to do with age? I have read that menopause can cause thyroid problems, which perhaps could be intensified by your Hashimoto's. In any case, it could be some hormonal change, for example, had you stopped or started birth control around when you began to notice the symptoms?

Also, your stressful environment stands out to me. It seems to me that a worried mind would have more difficulty finding a creative space than a calm mind. I also understand that much of our stress comes from sources outside of our control. I suggest that you try to reduce the external causes of your stress, and more importantly, that you heal with the mind itself. For that, I suggest meditation, hypnotherapy, lucid dreaming, etc. You should research more to choose some kind of mental/spiritual therapy that suits you. It could be feng shui, gardening, chromotherapy, etc. When you moved, did you notice any other changes in the environment? For example, I have heard that allergies, particularly to mold, can cause mental symptoms. It could help you to look for potential sources of allergies in your house and eliminate them naturally (without harsh chemicals)

Much luck!



on March 08, 2013
at 02:15 AM

Amazing issue, it's something I've been pondering myself. I definitely get "flat" mentally when I go very low carb. Right now I'm trying to ignore it, and see if my body eventually adjusts. I don't know too much about thyroid issues, but all I could suggest is trying to eat as nutritiously as possible to give your brain its best chance on low carb, and if you don't sense an improvement, trying to find a balance where you add enough carbs back to liven up your imagination without feeling like you're adversely affecting your health.

I definitely identify with another user who talked about the effect of caffeine, I used to be at my most creative and productive when I was fuelled by essentially coffee and doughnuts. Of course I felt and looked terrible, and you peak and crash continually. Not ideal.

So, try a highly nutritious low carb diet, or add healthy sources of carbohydrate and try to find a balance. I would imagine it's not the "paleo-ness" of your diet that's blunting your imagination, rather the composition of that diet. Thanks for the post, amazing to see something that's been bugging me expressed online.


on March 07, 2013
at 11:09 PM

I know what it's like to feel blocked, or like you can't come up with anything. The solution? Discipline. Write even if you don't feel 'inspired'. I wrote a 100,000 word long fantasy novel last fall, and am working on revisions now. Most days, I didn't feel like writing. But after I did it for a bit, I got into it and made progress! And when that didn't turn out anything good, I just left it there and re-read it the next day.

You don't have to wait for the perfect idea or inspiration. Just do a little every day, and work at it. Just like doing exercise! You don't always feel like pounding out reps at the gym, but going for a walk is better than nothing.

I think too many people hold themselves back because they are afraid to get it wrong, have a 'dumb' idea, make a fool of themselves. I say, if you learn from the experience and grow, it's a win!

For my job, I do lots of video editing. It is tedious, boring and repetitive. Sometimes I have fun jobs that are more creative, and in the past it was hard to start them because I wanted it just right. Now I just dive in, and let it come to me as I start doing the basics!

One last suggestion. Try writing prompts! A google search will turn some up, and they will give you an idea to work with. They're a great spring board!



on March 06, 2013
at 02:06 PM

Hi Miriam,

I don't know what to do about it but I find that the same exact thing has happened to me. I have binge eating problems and I really notice that when I binge on SAD foods I'm VERY creative, overflowing with ideas, can't wait to sit down at the computer to write in between bites of Oreos. But on Paleo I'm just blocked, can't imagine or create anything. Even if I eat a fair amount of Paleo carbs and even when I'm in a calorie surplus.

The only other thing that kind of helps me to write is an overdose of caffeine. If I take so much caffeine that my hands are shaking and I can't stop jittering, then I can write. But that's no way to live either!

I hate having to choose between my body and my mind like this :(



on March 05, 2013
at 10:51 PM

For me, it was the opposite. I became a collage artist (with quite some success) only after I went Paleo. My creativity just flourished.

You don't mention what you're eating. Do you cook with coconut oil? Do you eat enough carbs and fruit? How about some home-fermented goat kefir? Maybe you could also supplement with some Acetyl-L-Carnitine, and give priority to fish (especially shellfish/oysters) over meat. The DHA on the fish, and the zinc on oysters, can help your brain (enough oysters means no need for zinc supplementation).

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