How to fix tight hamstrings?

Answered on March 16, 2014
Created March 16, 2014 at 12:58 AM

As a 6"6 male, I have some rather terrible flexibility. Most of it I can deal with but one nagging issue is that I can't descend into a squad properly without either lifting my heels off the ground or taking a very wide stance with me feet pointing almost perpendicular to where I'm facing. I'm pretty sure it's an issue with tight hamstrings.

What is the best way to fix this? Like is there some kind of stretching regimen I can practice for say, 3 weeks that would allow me to squat and deadlift like a normal person? I know I'm hardly the only tall person who suffers with this, so surely it must be a common problem with a common solution...

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4 Answers


on March 16, 2014
at 06:34 PM

Look into PNF stretching


on March 16, 2014
at 02:11 PM

Pavel Tsatousline's book 'relax into stretch' I found helpful when I wanted to progress with flexibility/make a jump...

I think it's a good thing you want to know how to get flexible; if you keep squatting without knes pointing forward, you might get some knee troubles...

The bit about heel raising can also relate to tight achilles and calves.

Sometimes it is nutrition/overall health related and sometimes more about lifestyle (Which, granted, i also overall health related... The body adapts to doing what you do - sitting a lot and your mind/limb proprioceptors start thinking that's all you can do... But you can change that...

Btw, if 'youre 6.6 and doing deadlift, are the weight raised enough off the ground...? I'm am tall, not that tall, and when I did them a certain form is necessary and some of that relates to the height of the weights in relation to your body at strartg position... Maybe you know this, I don't know...

My final advice, fwiw - make movement, stretching (Say just dyamic ham stretching) just a part of evryday activity, if you like that, in additiont o anything else like what is decribed in the Tsatouline book or other material...



on March 16, 2014
at 01:09 PM

(superhero voice) Sounds like a job for.... Foam Rollers!


on March 16, 2014
at 01:26 AM

I stretch in the shower every day, since the hot water loosens up your muscles. Also, don't just target your hamstrings/posterior chain, but make sure to adequately stretch your hips and quads. I know it also helps a lot of tall guys to squat with 5 lb. plates under their heels.

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