Explanations for sudden hair growth (more on one side of body)

Asked on September 16, 2013
Created September 16, 2013 at 3:30 AM

I have always been a very un-hairy person - I can get away with a few waxes a year to keep my legs hair free. I also have never had hair on my arms. Really, my arms have always been hairless.

But recently I've noticed that my leg hair has grown quite a bit to maybe half an inch. And for the first time ever, I have sprouted some quarter inch hairs on my arms. And the hairs on my fingers and toes are also longer. The hairs are pretty fine. I've also noticed that the hairs on my right side of my body are longer and ever so thicker.

What causes hair growth like this? In the past few months, I have gone from a 2 month period of zero carb to a month of low carb to a month of gluten free SAD (no choice, was in central america and homestay) and then now it's been two months relatively low carb (100g/day) and Paleo. The hairgrowth was noticed around this last chunk of time, where I was getting lots of sun and playing in the ocean...(is that the explanation?) I am slowly upping my carb content because I think it helps with my amenorrhea and overall hormone situation(1-2 day super light periods, negative sex drive)

Perhaps its nothing to worry about, but after a life of having hair free arms and suddenly seeing this little growth, its weirding me out.

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