Hack My Blood Work. Doctor advises high uric acid, high lymphocytes, high LDL

Answered on July 11, 2016
Created July 09, 2016 at 10:52 AM

Apologies for the poor formatting but these are my blood results from a recent doctors visit. It's all a lot to take in. 


The metrics which were outside of his optimum ranges were:

lymphocytes (slightly out)

calcium (slightly out)

uric acid

albumin (slightly out)

Total cholesterol




From my results below, what could be driving this change? I eat the Paleo diet with no dairy except for very dark chocolate and butter, and purchase organic and wild caught whenever I can. i like in the UK and am 23 years old. 


Are these results anything to worry about? I know that I'm doing a good thing in being health conscious early, so if there was anything wrong I'd have time to address it. But I want to feel great, not just average, so I would love to know if there's anything below which stands out to people. 


Result Name Result Value Result Units 
Haemoglobin 142 g/L
Haematocrit 0.433 L/L
RBC 4.8 x10e12/L 
MCV 90.2 fL 
MCH 29.6 pg 
MCHC 328 g/L 
RDW 14.3 % 
Platelets 233 x10e9/L 
WBC 7.8 x10e9/L 
Neutrophils 4.1 x10e9/L 
Lymphocytes 3.1 x10x9/L 
Monocytes 0.5 x10e9/L
Eosinophils 0.11 x10e9/L 
Basophils 0.03 x10e9/L 
ESR 2 mm/Hour 

Result Name Result Value Result Units 
Sodium 139 mmol/L 
Potassium 3.8 mmol/L 
Urea 5.1 mmol/L 
Creatinine 91 umol/L 

eGFR > 90


Glucose (Non­Fasting) 4.4 mmol/L ­
Calcium 2.57 mmol/L 
Calcium (Corrected) 2.39 mmol/L 
Inorganic Phosphate 1.25 mmol/L 
Uric Acid 463 umol/L 
Total Protein 77 g/L 
Albumin 52 g/L 
Globulin 25 g/L 
Total Bilirubin 11 umol/L 
Alkaline Phosphatase 62 IU/L 
AST 15 IU/L 
ALT 13 IU/L 
Gamma GT 18 IU/L 
Serum Iron 13.0 umol/L 
Cholesterol 6.5 mmol/l 
Triglycerides 1.13 mmol/L 
HDL Cholesterol 2.02 mmol/L 
LDL (Calculation) 3.98 mmol/L 
HDL/Cholesterol Ratio 0.31 
Cholesterol/HDL Ratio 3.22 ­
Non­HDL Cholesterol 4.5 mmol/L ­
25 OH­VIT D (Vit D2 + D3) 58 nmol/L ­


TSH 2.87 mU/L

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on July 11, 2016
at 05:23 AM

I might understand this better if your results were in mg. 


on July 10, 2016
at 02:35 PM


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