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Answered on December 29, 2015
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Hi.  I think this is my first post.  Im on day 7 of my H Pylori treatment.  I tested positive thru a blood test.  THe side effects are full force today. I have a white tongue which is either Thrush or "White Tongue" side effect from Flagyl?  Ive had 3 loose bowel movements today.  IM drinking a lot of water, eating Paleo for the most part (minus a few indulgences this weekend) Ive made it 1/2 way and now Im ready to stop all meds.

Medications Since Dec 22nd 

  • 500mg Biaxin  / 2xs a day
  • 500 mg Flagyl /  2xs a day
  • Prevacid 30mg once daily
  • Pepto as needed
  • Probiotics (Kefir, Greek Yogurt, Pills)

Medications Added due to side effects

  • Clotrimazole 10mg - Doctor never saw me to diagnose Oral Thrush (She called it ito the Pharmacy because Im on antibiotics)

Im feeling awful.  I hate taking pills as I usually try to go the holistic route.  I was told to clear the h pylori i have to be on antibiotics for 14 days why not 7 or 10 days?   I am miserable.  I see gastrointeroloist tomorrow.  I feel I have more going on than H Pylori as my right side hurts with certain foods and the pain radiates through my back.  Much improved since starting the PPI I believe.  I also have reflux too even though I take a PPI?  So much going on and a lot of health anxiety!  What are natural effective ways to get rid of H Pylori?  Thank you



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on December 29, 2015
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I couldnt edit my post.  But I wanted to add that I had a Ultrasound and multiple labs.  ALT is always elevated by 10 points all other labs normal.  Also my Upper Right Quadrant ultrasound was normal other than they saw mild fatty liver. I have a scheduled HIDA scan in 2 weeks to look at Gallbladder function.  I feel better other than this white tongue and diarrhea.  Im concerned about getting C Diff due to antibiotics. Thanks 

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