Fat-loss Exercises for a 24HF Gym?

Answered on June 28, 2013
Created June 28, 2013 at 5:34 PM

Sigh, I no longer have time to work out at my beloved muay thai -slash- kettle bell gym since I work a crap load of jobs and they're only open during my working hours. So, I figured I'd take up a "Super Sport" 24HF Gym Routine down the street to accommodate my unusual off hours.

But I want to achieve fat loss and build lean mass. But I'm clueless when it comes to working out myself ) :

Do you have any suggestions for what's most important to stick to/not to do/anything at all so that I have a shot at actually losing fat + gaining muscle and not just getting a runner's workout?

I appreciate ANYTHING!

female-25 y.o-146lbs-5"4.5-26 BF %-looking to get down to 20% BF-and gain about as much beautiful lean mass as I can LOL


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on June 28, 2013
at 10:32 PM

buy some kettle bells and swing at home, on your work break or out on the lawn in the moonlight! maybe get a jump rope too?
go to the local playground and climb the jungle gym, do pull ups on the monkey bars
take a walk in the woods and climb trees
go for a walk or a run; i like road running in the dark
go to an empty parking lot and run sprints..the parking space lines make good markers for distance
the point is to go out and move! don't limit your activities by the hours of operation of a gym.

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