bovine ovaries safety

Answered on July 18, 2014
Created July 18, 2014 at 7:49 PM

Hello all,

Today I saw a friend for the first time in quite a while. The surprise was that her breasts had grown a couple cup sizes, and I seriously thought that she had undergone a boob job.

When I pointed it out she laughed and told me that she had been taking bovine ovaries, and was still going to take them for a couple of months to 'stabilize the effect' whatever that means.

I am a little worried though. Is this safe ? I mean, phytoestrogens certainly don't seem harmless, but what about hormones from other animals ?

She was surprised that I didn't aprove, since I was all about paleo, and true in nature you would certainly get a dose of either thyroid hormones or sex hormones from your meat but what about intentional and repeated exposure ?

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on July 18, 2014
at 10:39 PM

Well, yes I agree with you that was also my first instinct, so please no need to be insulting.

My problem is that this is apparently starting to get quite popular, as a way to either balance hormones or indeed make your breasts bigger, and it's being brought on the market by some pretty reliable company's like swanson and solgar.

But I think that in order to dissuade someone of doing something that gives them something they have always wanted, (and which by the way as a woman I can undestand since before I had my daughter I myself wouldn't have minded for a plumper pair of breasts, and as a person working with young girls everyday I think that if there is something like this out there they will catch on pretty soon) I think I should come up with a better argument than 'this will give you cancer' since this is not much of an explanation.

And while I agree that this looks fishy, I would like to fully understand the response of the body to animal ovaries.

After all, i remember back when I used to live in Johannesburg, the few times I went to zulu healers it gave me the impression that they would use very hormonal animal parts quite freely in their mixtures. I remember visiting friends in Greece where the granmother would make a special mixture of some specific glands (i don't remember what it was, just remember thinking 'ew') for the grandaughter who wasn't menstruating despite being over 16. I remember Chris Kresser talking about cultures eating the thyroid gland of moose or was it goats with hyperthyroidism during mating season to promote fertility. In some countries don't people eat animal testicles ? I mean this isn't a new idea.

And isn't the tissue growth a factor of cancer rather than the cause of it ? If it weren't, adolescence would be a much riskier business.

And while plant estrogen has it's issues, and can build up in the human liver, how is animal estrogen metabolized and dealt with by a human body?

anywho, I would be really interested in some specifics, experiments or books as well as objective points of view rather than snotty comments. gracias


on July 18, 2014
at 08:58 PM

Self-medicating with an uncontrolled hormone supplement derived from a cow's reproductive organs in order to grow breast tissue? What could possibly go wrong, it's not like hormones which promote accelerated tissue growth cause cancer or anything like that, right?

That sounds like a really stupid idea. Use your common sense.

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