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Answered on April 21, 2014
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I have been belching almost nonstop for quite awhile, believing it to be the result of leaky gut syndrome. I am sure that I have that condition, but yet, the belching doesn't seem to stop. I thought it might be aerophagia, which I am only now beginning to suspect -- as I had been taken to an orofacial myologist when I was younger, was taught where to place my tongue in my mouth and how to eat, but have reverted back to my old ways: mouth breathing, etc. I thus began to again retrain my tongue, etc. and, after a while, it seemed like the belching stopped. Furthermore, the belching has often not occurred when my attention is fully concentrated on something, like someone I am having a conversation with.

But yet, I ate a few bananas an hour or two ago and the belching has started up again. Any ideas? The belching has also seemed to occur from eating ground beef, as though I had eaten something spicy (which is strange because I have been avoiding all nightshades...).

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on April 21, 2014
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Maybe look into HCL/stomach acid deficiency? I went through a period of belching, and at one point I ended up getting stomach ulcers and read up on it. I took some HCL supplements for a week or so, and I think my levels came back up--I'm not belching these days.

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