Do you think Green Smoothies are all they're made out to be?

Answered on July 15, 2014
Created July 15, 2014 at 7:10 AM

I have friends who treat green smoothies like they're a religion. They claim to feel more energetic, focused, have better skin etc. even immediately after drinking them.

I'm wondering how much of it is a placebo effect. I've been doing green smoothies on and off for years and have never really noticed much of a difference. It's another way to get your nutrients I guess if you are nutrient deficient elsewhere, but I don't get all the hype. Liver would pretty much destroy any green smoothie nutritionally (except for vitamin C and a few phytonutrients)

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on July 15, 2014
at 12:21 PM

Energy and Focus == sugar rush (not necessarily a bad thing, but that's the mechanism).

Better skin == more vegetables and water.

The question is not whether green smoothies are good -- it's what the are replacing. My buddy who swears by green smoothies used to drink Coffee and eat a bran muffin every morning. Replacing coffee and a muffin with 4-5 servings of leafy vegetables, water, and fruit will be a positive change to your diet. It will likely be fewer calories and far more nutrient dense.

However, if you are following a paleo diet that has its foundation in consuming diverse plants, there may be limited benefit to consuming a green smoothie -- although it's not necessarily a bad addition unless you have a blood sugar issue.

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