Thanksgiving in June: Who or what are you grateful for?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created June 13, 2012 at 2:11 PM

I've been a member of PaleoHacks for three months. I am grateful for:

  1. Having gotten to meet a fellow PaleoHacker here in sunny Santa Fe.
  2. Learning all the different viewpoints that you all have to share. Our work is making the paleosphere a more diverse and less dogmatic place.
  3. All of the newcomers who bring us their interesting challenges and experiences.
  4. All of the links to really interesting pieces of wisdom spread out throughout the web.
  5. All the thoughtful and articulate questions and answers which make me wish I had more votes to give out every day.

Your turn. Who and/or what in your PaleoHacker family are you grateful for?

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3 Answers


on June 13, 2012
at 05:19 PM

My healthy, working, beautiful body!



on June 13, 2012
at 04:16 PM

I'm thankful for intermittent fasting, vitamins and grassfed beef.



on June 13, 2012
at 02:49 PM

I'm grateful that I have gotten a little distance from the crazy women in my life, got my house to myself, i'm allowed to play in the garage with my cars all night long if I please, and my job is going well. So I guess I am grateful for peace and quiet. :) And I am very grateful that summer is here and everything is green and blooming and looking awesome.

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