Pastured meat in Boston?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created May 16, 2013 at 6:10 PM

Are there any paleo folks in or around the Boston area who know a good source of pastured beef and chicken? So far I've been making a special trip to Wholefoods to get the good stuff, but I'd much rather go direct through a local farm, particularly if it's easier on my paycheck. I'd also rather not have to drive an hour in either direction to pick up my meat (bad for the environment, bad for my time, bad for my pocketbook). Are there any good farms that deliver grass-fed beef, or that the pick-up location would be relatively acessible from metro-Boston?

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7 Answers


on June 01, 2013
at 12:22 AM

John Crow Farm: http://johncrowfarm.com/ Stillman's at the Turkey Farm: http://stillmansattheturkeyfarm.com/

Both have a lot of CSA options (both pick-up and delivery), and also sell at a number of farmer's markets.



on May 31, 2013
at 08:31 PM

John Crow Farm is excellent. They follow the same sort of principals as Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms: biodynamic, beyond organic, or whatever you want to call it. I have been a member of their CSA for a couple years now. They have a bunch of pickups around the Boston Metro area. The price is about $8/lb, for a mix of cuts.


on May 16, 2013
at 11:17 PM

Codman Farm in Lincoln


They have eggs and beef.



on December 22, 2013
at 01:17 AM

I belong to a CSA club with Chestnut Farms (chestnutfarms.org). They have drop offs at various locations in the Boston area and their meat is wonderful. They also have incredible turkeys at Thanksgiving and sell pastured eggs for $5 a dozen at the drop off site. Really nice people too.


on September 15, 2013
at 09:35 PM

Lilac Hedge Farm in Berlin, many pickup locations and very affordable for their sustainably raised meats, and the farmers are only 22!



on June 01, 2013
at 02:26 AM

No advice! However, YAY for a Bostonian! I'm from Boston, and in Saint Kitts right now!

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