Grass fed whey vs. non-grass fed whey, is one superior?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created October 05, 2012 at 8:06 PM

looking for you people out there have used both GF and non-GF whey. Have you found one to be better than the other for 1. performance 2. health? I'm probably going to jump into some research, if there is any, on this topic.

I know Robb wolf has his evolve foods GF whey that I'm thinking about getting but it is not in my price range right now. I'm leaning toward Optimum Nutrition natural gold standard. I will link both below.

My gut feeling is that neither is superior, it's just helping support good farming practice and agriculture, which I'm 100% on board with, but as a college student expendable income is scarce

http://www.allstarhealth.com/f/optimum_ ... atural.htm


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4 Answers


on October 06, 2012
at 03:54 AM

I haven't noticed a difference but I don't use protein powders that much. Usually grass fed products don't have artificial sweeteners in them. I really like the protein factory's grass fed protein. They have quite a few selections at a decent price.



on November 17, 2012
at 10:17 PM

For Health via ingestion? No.

For the planet and your local farmer? Yes.


on November 17, 2012
at 06:45 PM

I don't use it anymore but the problem with whey protein is you don't know what the hell you are getting, some brands only contain 1/2 of the protein they are promising, so before worrying about whether it is grass fed I worry about whether it is really whey protein powder.

With Optimal Nutrition at least you can be comfortable you are in fact getting whey protein, with a smaller niche brand who the hell knows, they tell you it's grass fed whey and maybe it is Maltodextrin.

Do some research on whey in general and you will see it's a bit of a crapshoot in terms of what you are actually getting and that most brands don't deliver on their promises. Robb Wolf is trustworthy but he doesn't actually produce the whey.


on October 05, 2012
at 09:36 PM

You're right on target. Listen to Robb's podcast, he has a promo code for 15% off on Evolve products, I think its "wolfpack" something like that listen to recent podcast he'll mention it within the first 5 minutes.

If you really are 100% on board with supporting better farming practices then spend the extra few dollars, money speaks louder than words.

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