From where can I get grass-fed in Hungary?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created September 12, 2011 at 1:20 PM

Hi guys!

First of all, sorry for my English, guys, it's not perfect.

My question has rather local relevance but I'm totally lost and disappointed in the 'paleomarket' here. There are tons of shops where you can buy, order xylit, eritrit, nature cookta flours and these kinds of "neolithic" paleo stuff, but I haven't found the important bits yet.

Is there any place where I can buy grass-fed or pastured meat and other animal products? I live in the capital (Budapest) and yes, I know, there are some ??ko- and bio market with horrible prices (and that's bio stuff, not grass-fed).

http://www.grassfedtraditions.com/grass_fed_beef.htm Is there any similar opportunity, site?

Or from Austria maybe?

I eat a lots of meat, so the quality would be an important aspect.

Recently I've just found www.puregraze.com and though it's shipped frozen, I'm not certain about the quality (I mean the state of the arrived-package) and it's a bit expensive for my college budget.

So, any farm here or local chance from where I can order regularly?

Thanks in advance



on September 12, 2011
at 01:38 PM

It should be shipped in a refrigerated lorry & insulated box. This is how supermarkets/businesses ship their fresh & frozen goods. Sorry,I have no idea about Hungary, I'm in the UK.



on September 12, 2011
at 01:27 PM

I'm afraid of trying pure graze too, it says it arrives within 2 days, but won't the meat be unfrozen?

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on September 12, 2011
at 01:42 PM

I'm afraid it is one of those local things. However, you should be able to find farms outside of Budapest who sell grass fed beef. Have you looked into the way that beef is produced in general in Hungary? Organic beef in the UK has by law to be fed at least 60% of it's diet on grass. And, then there's the additional rules about pesticide/fertiliser/antibiotic use with organic crops/meat.

WRT bio, are you referring to biodynamic farming? If so, then this is possibly one of the best options you have as biodynamic farms are by their nature, organic and raise the animals as naturally as possible.



on March 07, 2012
at 09:41 PM

By the way it is very shameful that while people are so proud about traditional cattle farming you cannot buy these famous meats anywhere in the capital but one place. They should really make it more available, advertise more and support it more instead of just talking. Now if you like organ meat, it is much cheaper, and beef liver is really very cheap and nutritious, the guy at Tőzs-Ért told me they get fresh liver every Wednesday morning, and people buy it very quickly so if you can get there and buy it on Wed morning it can be very cost effective.



on March 07, 2012
at 11:22 AM

You can try the Tőzs-Ért kft. at the Feny utcai piac, they are selling szürkemarha. Based on what I found that's the closest to grass fed organic you can find. Another great butcher is at the Fővám tér market, Gál József.

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