Calf still suckling? - color of meat

Answered on September 07, 2013
Created February 03, 2013 at 4:12 PM

I recently bought 40 lbs of grassfed beef from a local farmer. The meat is all a pale pink color. When I asked the farmer the reason for the color, he said its because the calf was still suckling.

1) does the meat of suckling cows differ from those that have been weaned? 2) Am I still getting the benefits of grass-fed even though this cow is still suckling?

I've never purchased from this farmer before so I'm not sure how I feel about all this.

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5 Answers


on September 07, 2013
at 12:44 AM

Is that a normal thing, did you order a calf when requesting 40Lbs? Why would the farmer kill the calf unless you ordered calf meat. Maybe I'm just not familiar with the process but it sounds sketchy to me...

Maybe I'm wrong, maybe that is normal proactice, can someone let me know??



on June 26, 2013
at 10:17 AM

1) Yes - depending on the age of your calf, you may have a freezer full of "rose veal". Yum! 2) Yes as long as the mother is also grass fed.



on May 28, 2013
at 07:25 PM

I honestly don't recall our veal looking paler than our beef (it was all grassfed/ free range on our ranch).

True veal is still milk-only. In that instance, Mama Cow is eating her highly nutritious salads and that is passed on to baby. Sometimes, the calves are grazing, too. I don't know how old your calf was. I'm betting she was grazing as well.

Be aware, store-bought meat is colored falsely because people think that bright red is normal. It's not.


on February 04, 2013
at 02:24 AM

Yes, a still suckling calf would have paler meat. Yes, there still would be a benefit of grass-fed if the mother was grass-fed. My only concern would be: the diet of the mother and how humanely they treated the calf and mother.



on February 03, 2013
at 10:53 PM

veal is pale pink.

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