What to tell a farmer who is going paleo?

Answered on September 12, 2014
Created November 07, 2011 at 5:58 PM

Shannon Hayes, Author of The Grassfed Gourmet Cookbook is making the jump to Paleo (who raises all sorts of grass-fed meats just to the east of me in Upstate NY http://www.sapbush.com/ ) just posted about making the last jump to paleo for her family's health...

Check out: http://grassfedcooking.com/2011/where-grassfed-meets-paleo/

She has some health questions in her post... What sorts of digest of answers would you point her at for her consideration?

Remember, she's off the beaten internet path, and can't be forever surfing... http://www.shannonhayes.info/index.htm

I'm also a fan of her other books: Radical Homemakers http://grassfedcooking.com/books-by-shannon-hayes/radical-homemakers/ and The Farmer and The Grill http://grassfedcooking.com/books-by-shannon-hayes/the-farmer-and-the-grill/



on November 07, 2011
at 06:47 PM

It's a great blog post but I don't see where she asks any questions...



on November 07, 2011
at 06:41 PM

I'm thinking Melissa would be the one to talk to.

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on February 09, 2012
at 06:47 PM

Grow flaxseed for oil, for it will be in huge demand for it's ??-3 content. [Note that I key in on "farmer" (of plants) and not "rancher" (of meats).]

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