So you think you are a celiac? - follow up.

Asked on September 16, 2012
Created September 16, 2012 at 4:31 AM

After my story about my experiences with the celiac diet, "Happy Now" said quinoa and millet gave her problems. Initially I thought that was her issue and not mine. However, recently I was relapsing a bit, having some nagging intestinal issues and muscle pain/stiffness coming back. I thought I was on my regular diet and was confused by the relapse. Then I noticed that the tortillas I was eating were not just whole wheat but whole wheat plus ancient grains of which quinoa and millet were part of the mix. I immediately changed back to my regular tortillas and all my recurring issues disappeared. There were about 5 other ancient grains in these tortillas, so I am not 100 per cent sure which ones were the issue but thanks to "Happy Now" I found another problem food. Without that help I would have been puzzling over this for weeks or months. This is what I was looking for when I joined this website and it has been worth the investment. Has only else had issues with corn, rice, ancient grains but can tolerate whole wheat? I tested wheat again yesterday by eating 2 thin whole wheat bagels, 4 slices of whole wheat pizza and 2 whole wheat wraps. Resulting issues were minor for the amount I ate. They were less than what I would have experienced from a small amount of corn, etc.

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