Reintroducing some gluten free grains : brown rice, millet, quinoa and amaranth?

Asked on August 27, 2015
Created July 11, 2013 at 6:23 PM


I am paleo since november 2012, but I am just sick of eggs any more! Of course, there is meat and fish and veggies and... and.. and... but I need some other food, really! I noticed that from the 4 eggs a day I eat with butter (mostly) I get acne. When I dont eat eggs, I dont have it. So this week I experimented with natural brown rice and felt ectually really good. I didnt have stomach ache or something and the carbs gave me more stable energy, so that I wasnt hungry all day. I eat brown rice or millet or quinoa for breakfast and mix them with flaxseed or sesame tahan and feel good.

That's why I wanted to ask you if there are people who eat that style : paleo + gluten free grains and what tips can you give / experience did you have for a prolonged time? I just want some more variety and am not into cooking some strange paleo recipes such as paleo bread or paleo desserts, as these require too much effort, time and give me no nutritional variety.

I really want to eat some grains, but also want the benefits of the paleo. What is your experience on that?

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on July 26, 2013
at 01:30 AM

I prefer millet to all other grains, it is extremely light on my system. It does not taste as good as quinoa or rice, but you can improve its taste by sauteing it in some coconut oil, no water, shaking often until it gets a bit of color. Then you cook it in stock with some salt and herbs. Things that will go well in there are fresh peas, sauteed vegetables (specially now, when I get mixed veggies from the garden perforce), chicken scraps, lots of possibilities. You can do a big pot at once, and eat it through the week.


on July 11, 2013
at 06:48 PM

Most paleo folks recommend white rice over brown rice. Brown rice is important if you're desperately poor and eating nothing but rice, since it's your only source of B vitamins. But if you're eating meat, you're getting your vitamins already, and brown rice is giving you undesirable phytates. Personally I'm not that scared of phytates, but that's the reasoning.

For more information, try searching past questions on the site (search box is on the upper right). There have been a ton of threads on quinoa and whether it's a healthful berry or a toxic source of murderous saponins.

In any case, you're welcome to try any of these for yourself and see how you feel.

Are you currently on a very low-carb diet? If you're just looking to include carbs while staying paleo, there are lots of options, including potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams, and every kind of fruit on earth.


on July 25, 2013
at 09:46 PM

I eat quinoa unless I'm going absolutely strict for some reason. But then, I also eat black beans typically too, so under "normal" conditions, I'm not strictly paleo - basically, I find that neither food causes me problems, so I consume it. Which is good in the case of black beans, since you can find organic, low sodium beans for decent prices almost anywhere.

And that's basically how I feel about the class of "can I eat this" questions here and on other Paleo boards - if it makes you feel bad, don't eat it. If you can eat it and it doesn't cause problems or mess up your body composition, go forth and consume. Just because something works or doesn't work for me isn't a good indicator for how you will react. Unless maybe we're genetically identical. You're not my clone, are you? Shit, if another one escaped the lab, my director is going to have my ass.

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