Least harmful grains and beans?

Answered on September 07, 2014
Created September 07, 2014 at 6:59 PM

I'm interested in experimenting with traditionally prepared (sprouted/soaked) whole grains and beans, as recommended by Weston a price, Sally Fallon's nourishing traditions, and the like. Does anyone have an opinion of which whole grains & beans would be least harmful? I've noticed that many paleo type eaters are already accepting of quinoa...  Which of the following would you say is least harmful from a paleo perspective:



mung beans


azuki beans

Garbanzo beans

lima beans

Pinto beans




Buckwheat groats

Hato mugi




Whole oats


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on September 07, 2014
at 07:09 PM

All beans, properly soaked (even a two days soak if needed, for red kidney beans for example), and well cooked, are similar. That is because the lectins are similar though with varying amounts. If you want really light beans, make them into natto. I do eat occasional chili and minestrone, but most of my beans intake is via natto for breakfast. The fermentation helps. I have a garden and can attest that fresh shelled beans cook well and fast, and probably do not have lectins or very little of it.

for grains there is more variety in toxins (different lectins, plus millet is goitrogenic), so you will have to try for yourself. I think modest amounts of millet, oats, and buckwheat are fine, specially if fermented.

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